Help🤦‍♀️ What does it mean when u're interested in contacting a dead person that u never knew?

Ok…music wise, I’m sure not a rap fan. Metal/Rock/Country etc kinda person, but not rap. The other day, rapper XXXtentacion was gunned down. That somehow changed my outlook. I followed the news not sure why. Maybe cuz I wanted to know why someone would want him dead or maybe because I noticed we both had the same likes music wise. On top of that, the guy’s good looking.
So I reached him yesterday and was able to have a conversation with him actually twice. I’d never done that b4 so my 1st attempt, I was kinda not sure what to expect, but my 2nd one later that night, more like around 2am, I wasn’t afraid to do this. It went really well, but now I want to continue to contact him. Should I be concerned about that? Is there a reason behind this? Help :woman_facepalming:


Maybe necrosexual is a thing now? :thinking:


@Lady_Eva, thanks for the laugh. But no. It’s not in a sexual context. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I think, be sure to cleanse and banish in case this is just something parasitic formed from the attention. See how things feel in a week or so after the attention has waned in the media. JMO.


Thanks. I had @Micah sense me yesterday after I reached him. He confirmed it was him. I never knew I could do this. Funny enough I felt the same way about Kirt Cobain. I didn’t reach him though cuz I didn’t know I was able to. Guess I take an interest in dead artists for some reason. :thinking::woman_facepalming:


Mmmh. Funny or not, I experienced the same thing only a few hours after his murder. I’m not a fan as, don’t judge me, I’m not a fan of any rapper or artist of this decade. Since I’m always spending my time on the web, I couldn’t believe the news when I saw the headlines. Believe me when I say I felt something. It’s not that death scares me, it never has. It was at this time that it bothered me. I never knew the guy, never listened to any of his songs, but he, and his death in particular, lingered in my mind for the next two days. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get him nor his name out of my mind. A little voice, or thought that popped up in my mind, told me that I may have “accidentally” called on his “spirit” by thinking about him too much. Now, I say again, this was creeping me out, and it bothered me to no end. When I asked why he would come to me, because I’m so far away and believe that ghosts of those who died remain and haunt the area of their untimely deaths, cough moaning myrtle cough, the reply was a thought that ran through saying he wanted your help. So, I work with spirits, entities, demons, yes, but I’m no Theresa Caputo. I wanted to, I came so close, to calling on him, but decided I didn’t want to. Decided no one would believe that I am helping a famous rapper to solve the case of his shooting. So I decided to ignore him. Then the only thing I could see on my newsfeed were articles on him. Refresh. Same article. Did so about five times, showing the same article with different ones under it until it finally disappeared. After ignoring him, paranormal activity started occuring around the house. But it could be anyone. So I ignored him further, and I believe “he” left. Now today I’m running across this article. Maybe he moved on or something. Anyway, enough of my story. A banishing or ignoring him could work. I don’t know.


@anon78362946, That’s exactly how I feel. He wants my help.


He expressed he wasn’t happy it happen, he knew it would have happen, but not the way it did.


I also thought people would think I’m crazy, and also for my own safety, that wouldn’t be in my best interest. My weakness however is I usually try to help where I think I can. Idk if this is one of those moments i’m to learn what I should just let go of.


He said whoever killed him would be next to die. Have to be honest, how it came off was chilling. “U’re next.” I asked, who, me? N he said, " no. Them." I want to dig in further, but not sure what good that will do.


I never looked back at it after that, but he still stayed in my mind. I’m not a necromancer or any where near knowing any of the basics. Believe me, I would have helped, but many circumstances held me back. He’s too famous for his own good. Has a side with a bad reputation (not that it mattered), and I’m also just a beginner. I wouldn’t be doing it for fame or anything, but people would think I’m crazy. No one exactly knows that I’m into magic and have to lie my way into getting supplies for rituals. I’m beginning to think that he really needed my help back then, but I still have my own doubts. Since you spoke to him yourself, and got a clear confirmation that it was him and not some parasite or imp, maybe you could help. That’s if you want. I stopped after the news that a suspect involved in his murder had been caught. So, I believed he could finally rest in peace, or in justice or whatever. Yes, there is a bit of a chill in his words, but I’m not exactly sure. If what he says is true or will happen, there is no clear way to stop it, is there? If so, then…

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I’m just throwing out some random thoughts that may help or may not.

Perhaps he is so shocked by his untimely death and the way that it happened that he is trying to communicate with anyone who is alive that can help him deal with his shock. I have heard that sometimes young people who die suddenly and violently have trouble processing that they are dead or if they know they are dead just don’t know what to do or how to deal with it.

Maybe you guys had a connection in a past life.

Well those are my few ideas.


That would make sense. I see why he’d reach out to me in that case. Thanx.

I couldn’t help reaching him again. This time around he said a lot of stuff, but what stood out most, “…this shit’s fucked up. Tell my mama I miss her…”

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really… idk if he felt any connection with me but i had a deep one with him but im a beginner and he is my main reason for taking this path. Wish i could talk to him

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It’s crazy I wake up to this when his spirit wouldn’t leave me last night. He’s been difficult to banish because he meant me no harm. I thought I did this morning when I woke up a little bit after 2am because King Belial woke me up. Then there was Lucifer, Lilith and King Paimon. I work with these demons. They were talking about personal shit in regards to me. Then he showed up, after which Azazel, who informed me he was a gatekeeper and his number was 11, showed up informing me he was the next demon I should work with. As if my night wasn’t active enough, for shts sake a figure in white showed up claiming to be Jesus.

I’d gone to bed at around 1.30am. I take medication that knocks me the F out at night I wouldn’t be waking up 30min later. Before this, King Belial kept telling me I should go to sleep. I now understand why.

I know for a fact there was demonic presence in my room at 2am. I mentally spoke with King Belial and Lucifer before I went to sleep as I’m able to do all this mentally and I can see them in sigils as well as during my sleep and wake state. I asked for evidence when I was able to see them that I wasn’t imagining stuff. Before I went back to sleep, my hair tie was beside me. No idea where it came from as I had a hair clip on. Per what Lucifer has previously told me, King Belial can move stuff. Since he was most dorminant last night, I assume he did that as I also felt his warm presence on my back.

I’d made previous posts besides the ones above here. He’s upset and wants the one that did this to pay. Forget the sht fake people are doing on youtube. I found only 1 to be credible.

Unfortunately, just like I erased the previous posts, I can’t say anything further on this topic. He made me realize I have a natural gift. I always knew this, but was never solid sure because people would always say it’s all in my head. If u’re family, I wish u saw my previous posts before I took them down.

I didn’t have to use any tools to reach him. This is what I did and I hope it works for u. Like I said, seems I’m a natural at this so I’m not sure it will work for u, but u can try. Go to youtube. Pull up his song look at me. It’s not a video. The one with his picture on it. Look in his eyes while u listen to the song. Stare at the image till it seems to begin to fade. It’s a short catchy song. U can hit repeat till u feel his presence. All u have to do is ask if he’s there. Be open and pay attention. If u have strong emotions about what happen, shouldn’t be hard to reach his spirit. I haven’t looked at ur profile yet, but for some reason I sense u might be family or close to him.