Help, weird candle flame, did I screw up?!

I have done a break up jar spell and lit a candle over this jar every night. Though i have no black candle that’s why using only white. I need some help to interpret the candle flame.

All the time flame size remains 2-3 inch on average. Steady and bright. Sometime it goes higher than average without any noise,dancing and remains on that position for couple of mins and again come to its average size 2-3 inch. My candle is regular teper candle. Sometimes it take 2.5 hours to burn and sometimes 3-3.15 hours.

Any expert is there to read this flame?

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I am looking for someone similar . There are dubios opinions in the internet .

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So no one is there to interpret those flames? Great!

@Lady_Eva did i put this thread on a wrong category?

Nope but I just clickbaited your topic title, you have to rise above the noise! :wink:

Hopefully that will help you get some answers. :+1:



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Cool news: The flames sometimes flicker with the presence of spirits, but . . .

Where do you let your candle burn?

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On top of the jar.

Were you near a door or window?

Yes, on the table beside my rooms door. And the flame didn’t flickering at all. Actually the average flame size is 2-3 inch. Sometime it grows 4-5 or more in height but steady, without any noise, smoke and without dancing right left. It just go towards the sky.

Have you been contacted by any spirits?

No i am new in this path. The jar’s age is 9 days. 2 days ago i wrote a petition to king Asmodeus and today i draw a sigil of him, shaken the jar for couple of mins, then placed Asmodeus sigil under the jar and lit a candle on top of the jar. Though the candle’s colour is white. There is no black candle in my area.

Sometimes the oxygen that fuels the flame is the spirit you’re contacting, even if it’s coming through a crack in the door. It’s pretty cool.

So am i on the right track? Everything is going as it is intended?

Please note that, when i lit the candle, i close all of the window and doors just to stay private.

Probably. These long burns are kind of weird. Where did you find this spell?

Youtube. The youtuber’s name is Emily. She suggested to burn candle atleast 7 days and that is enough. I am doing this yet just to boost up the process.

Hmm, different from how I would do it . . .
Who are you trying to break up?

Don’t worry about the candle flame. Various factors will affect that, like draughts, even small air currents, the way the candle was made, and what the candle is made from, the quality of materials, etc.

What’s really important is your intention, and not tripping yourself up with lust for results, worrying, doubts, guilt, etc.

You’re worrying over the flame and you’re questioning whether you’ll get what you want, based on the flame’s behaviour. Believe me, that shit will trip you up. I’d stop doing it, and trust in your intention, in your desire, and in yourself, regardless of what’s going on with the flame.


This right here.^

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