HELP: Tried evoking Sallos and I think something went wrong

Hi everyone :smiley:

So like an hour ago, I tried to evoking Sallos by focusing/meditating on his sigil, doing the Sallos enn chant while listening to Satan and Sons Sallos Enn Chanting video. At first, I thought it worked because after a bit I heard a strange noise (I know for sure it wasn’t from the video) and then I felt something (not sure how to describe it, best adjective I can think of is weird or strange). Anyway, I then talked to him (respectfully of course) and asked for his help. Then after talking, I had a feeling I should close my eyes and then I did. That’s when something weird happen. I saw a shape of a dark figure with what looked like white wings (it roughly resembled wings). So, I’m kind of wondering that maybe I did something wrong. At least I’m a bit confused because I know Sallos is a demon and as far as I know, demons don’t have white wings. So, if anyone could possible help me figure out what happened and what it may mean, that would be awesome :heart: