Help to ignite my love again for her

A month and a half, or like two months ago, I was so different. I used to love someone, crazily at the beginning, which kinda evolved to be as a friendly way, but really close way tho, talking all day and night, I used to love her a lot and i had all my dreams (not just related to her but others like life goals too) and i had all the feelings and desires i needed to reach my dreams.
But idk what happened to me like 2 months ago that i lost all my feelings, it was like a sudden lost? She is still with me like always… Everything is good between us, she loves me a lot, she sees me as the guy she would love to be with, and i see her as the perfect girl for me, we know each others deeply, we are close. Everything is perfect between us, except one thing. My heart doesnt feel much good… I mean i dont feel good towards anything since some time, like im lost, and confused… I truly don’t know how i changed or what made me change… Everything was so perfect… Then suddenly my feelings shifted to confusion… I dont mean only towards her, i mean towards like everything in life… Its like something happened to me… Talking to her gets all my confusions frustrations away for a while but, it come again… Shes not the reason for this, i mean it feels like idk what happened that i shifted like this in a way that i couldnt feel normal towards anything most of the time… Its like shes texting me many lovely close things and im texting back with a different heart than i used to have
Idk what to do about myself… Im planning to ask a demon for help, without changing anything related to her, without changing a single thing on her side, but just igniting my love again for her… I dont want anything affected on her side, not even increase in love for me, all i want is myself to feel that love again… Im not saying like i want to ignite a non-existing love, i just want to feel normal, im like empty and dull and confused, i just want to get my long lost feelings… And as i said i don’t want any change in our relationship that we have, i just want myself to feel that love again, just changes on only and only me
Long story? ^ Pls suggest some spirits that i should work with
All i need is to feel the same love towards her, and everything will be perfect

Are you sure she didnt put a spell on you?

No she didnt, we are all good, just my feelings suddenly shifted to something like emptiness out of nowhere

Would you know though?

Maybe spell weared out but I am just speculating here.

or if not her, did someone else? Maybe someone else put a spell on you to make you leave her, break up with her etc? Perhaps an ex, or someone else that’s interested in you that is trying to break up your relationship? Other than that or suggesting possible depression, I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

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Its ofc not her, shes not into those spells or anything, normal life liver…
Theres a person tho, works with demons and, i wonder he might did? I dont want to engage in a conversation again with him asking about it or anything , we didnt go bad, just kinda got away… Can share detail about us in pm but not here…but am kinda sure he didnt do anything, but maybe who knows

i would have sex with her to take your relationship to “next level” you know, ignite some lust, and sheer of light to new undiscovered things between sexes :))

Id love to tbh, but our story is kinda different XD no touches possible for now, we physically far

Now this really reminded me of something…

Btw unrelated, but how do i change my username? I cant seem to find an option in the settings hmmmm


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Yeah, I must have missed the part in the story where you explained that you two weren’t physically together.

how can you even possibly know that if you two aren’t together physically?? :woman_shrugging:

In any event, if you really want to stay with this person, despite not feeling anything for her at all anymore, then call on either Sallos or Dantalion. Good luck :cherry_blossom:

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Sure, I can do that. :smiley:

Usernames need to start and end with a letter or number and the system can only do underscores or hyphens within the name, not spaces. You can check if the name you want is already taken by typing the @ symbol, then the name you want without a space between, it will autocomplete to that name if it’s already used.

Type it here exactly as you want it because I will copy it and paste it in. :+1:

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Done, you are now Tony_101 - don’t forget it next time you log-in. :+1:

Yay thanks :slight_smile: :smile:

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i mean i do want to feel the same love towards her that i used to have :heart: which is why i need help from a spirit cuz idk

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…then Dantalion & Sallos would be a good start. Dantalion will help with changing your emotions for her, and Sallos will help instill romantic feelings. There are a few more that can help, but you can start with those two.

A certain “feeling creation/training” sometimes featured in esotericism and spirituality may be useful here.
For example, Regardie proposed to repeat as a mantra “Dear one!”, recalling (or at least trying) the feeling for a loved person. Apart from the original intent i.e. that such a phrase could have for atheists the same efficacy of classical mantras, it would be a matter of ‘attach’ again, so to speak, this feeling.


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