Help symbolically coding a spell please [If > Then]

Hi peeps,

So I’m trying to create a symbolic code for the If - Then part. So (If NN hurts someone else), then… Any ideas on how to code the If part?

For the Consequence part, I am thinking I’ll make a hole on the piece of paper with the code and the target’s name on it. It’ll stand for drastic downward trajectory or a fresh grave. I’ll put some graveyard dirt around the edges of the hole, nightshades, etc.

Also, where do people get mirror boxes/coffin?

Please and thank you.

a rope as the if perhaps? tied to a weight with whatever it is that he shouldn’t do sigilized and written on it

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For mirror boxes, you can make your own, just grab a box and small mirrors from a craft store. You can sometimes find coffin boxes there but I’ve only seen them around Halloween. You can also have these made for you on Etsy, or get supplies from there.

If they inflict pain on me or anyone else. How do we get creative here to sigilize/code?

Might be simpler to think of this as an egregore. Essentially, do such and such till I destroy the sigil.

You can encode it like, (name of entity bound to sigil), if I am engaged aggressively (insert pending doom). If sigil is destroyed in flame, you are released and all curses removed.

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Yes, I do program these things. My question though: how do I encode X doing harm to Y? I could do a specific rune, but it doesn’t convey the inflicting…

I did a little explination on a form of sigil magic i use that might work for you where you write the intent disemvowel and cross out repeating letters and through intuition draw your sigil

you could maybe set variables indicating state in this case harmed not harmed and create a function to represent harm and by the same token not harmed depending on the input is the function output determined… then run it through your code as a fundamental classification of the type of spell either one that inflicts harm or one that doesnt…but what do i know?