Help! Sport gambling magic

Who can I use for sports betting. Gambling in this arena typically doesn’t have house advantages, which is great for expert gamblers. Who can I use to make long term success? Would it be better to use divination for the picks or teach the method of getting the picks?

The thing is even experts with all their research can get burned. I’d like to use magick to get an edge. What are your advice for long term success?

It’s a good idea to use divination for all kinds of situations, helps keep one sharp in that skill.

As far as a spirit for this?

Would be my first choice as his name keeps popping up here of late, although he isn’t necessarily about making money, he’s about winning, he wants people to be rocky balboa at the top of the stairs arms in the air with theme song playing, any money that comes is an afterthought compared with that.

A most underrated and misunderstood spirit i think, but one who’s help can be invaluable in all sorts of ways that are not always obvious.


Try learning astrology, but as Frawley on Sports Astrology says his system only works with Final Matches

This is an interesting way, but I think it would be more effective to study astrology and your natal chart. This is important, because through the natal chart, you can find out more successful days. Fortune-telling is an ambiguous thing and not everyone knows how to do it, almost all fortune-tellers are scammers and charlatans, and in the case of stars, everything is true. You can also try to enchant your thoughts at home for good luck and then luck will accompany you all day. I won Togel online in this way without straining too much. I was just always lucky and I won. Practice has shown me that it works and now I do it every month.

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