Help re sigil for Bacchus or Dionysus?

I need to do a spell to send a bipolar alcoholic on her way for a friend of mine. I was thinking Bacchus would be perfect for her to have a major relapse. I’ve looked around and can’t find anything that seems reliable.

Suggestions?? Thanks in advance!

Dionysus deserves more respect than to be treated as a mercenary.

I dont want her dead. Just back actively partaking of her addiction.

Wohohoho! Oh dear! I say as well as the spell, begin leaving little presents of bottles of alcohol. Do some work on the bottles as well so that once the person holds the bottle in their hands even with the intention of not drinking, they won’t be able to resist.
But Bacchus? You want to go to the god himself? Star small, I say, another spirit could do as good a jobh as Bacchus. Just my advice. If the person is an alcoholic, youd have your work cut out. They could relapse easily with a little less than convoking Bacchus to do the job!
Just my opinion of course…

Mills…any recommendations for who might be good for this objective?

Colleen, firstly, I’m sorry to hear about that situation. Addiction behavior is a pretty sad thing to witness and even experience.

I don’t know about those deities and their willingness to help with addictions, but I can understand why you thought to ask about them given that alcohol is attributed to them in some way.

What I am going to suggest instead is you look in the Goetia and contact Buer. He can help with addiction or self-destructive behaviors.


Use a goetic

I don’t see a god or goddess taking this kind of job. Maybe if you were in danger AND you had a strong relationship.