Help protecting grandparent's home

A few months ago my aunt told me that she and my cousin heard sobbing on a rainy night. My aunt went to check it out, but she heard nothing while my cousin kept hearing the sobbing. Also my grandma told me shes been seeing and hearing strange things when she wakes up. Recently she said she smelled something foul mixed with dirt.

I got my grandma some sage to burn, and she said shes slept real well for the first time in a while. So far shes been alright, but im wondering what steps i should take to protect my grandparents home. I have some ideas of what steps i should take. But i would appreciate some advice and suggestions!


Set up some wards. Sage clears an area, but it doesn’t prevent a return.


Agreed. Create a home guardian servitor.


I didnt wanna make another thread, but is it possible to make a ward that i carry with me to keep certain people away. I went to the park today and got harassed by some crazy guy.

Yes, it is. It would be an amulet.

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i ask archangel uriel (gom archangels of magick)
last christmas for a spefic protection at home.until now goes really well.

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I always imagine I am surrounded by an impenetrable transparent bubble and no one I don’t like can get through it to me. It always works.