Help please

Can somone send a demon to heal my ilimess i have pain in muscles unberable i think i have some disase could anybody help me out here send some demon to heal all disases and can you heal sombody using astral projection

Yes you can, and evoke or petition Marbas

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I afraid and i cant i have not have astral senses nor clariovaynce nor can i bee in altered state of conciusness becuse of brain damage if you can please send a demon to zeal me

I have an illness to, ill send a spirit to you when I evoke. Hope you feel better.


Thanks man really thank you very much

Where is it affecting you? I’ll try and throw some energy your way…

Arms legs spine chest

See physical doctor to find out what is wrong then consult Buer and Marbas.

Realistically just trying to resolve an acute issue with magick unless you have experience or have knowledge of exactly what is wrong is not going to do it. It’s like attempting to invoke or evoke an entity mid appendicitis or heart attack - how do you think you will fare?

Sending someone energy? I believe someone also vibrated the name Raphael for angelic healing BUT I may well be wrong - so please take a look at the search.

Once you know approximately what is wrong then you can work with it, but before that I am truly not so certain especially if it is acute pain (ie sudden symptoms not long term). Also we don’t know your personal health history and I wouldn’t suggest that you post it on a public forum as I’ve been advised that it can be searched and found through sites like google.

Magick - the ultimate complementary medicine…