Help please!

Why do I suck other people’s soul parts and body’s it’s like I latch on them, and like I’m with no soul and energy. Please share your insights and what do you feel!

You might like to read the biography of Michelle Belanger.

It’s normal for humans to exchange energy. and is part of how we are social beings. People automatically give energy to the weak one in the group, such as when they are sick, and when that person is well they take their turn. It’s a balancing.

Some people however have issues with their energy, they may have leaks from energy body damage, they may have blocks that stop them from normally generating enough qi to sustain them, and/or they may have parasites. Leaks can attract parasites so the problem gets multiplied.

In these cases If you never or rarely get to the place where you reciprocate and give back, and especially if you are frequently sick and depleted and taking energy just to keep up our needs, something is wrong. You probably want to look into how your energy system works, identify what the problems are, and fix them as much possible,and learn qi/prana cultivation techniques to get healthy energy from balanced sources, which other humans are really not.

“Real vampires” are like this but had the added problem of finding they are unable to cultivate enough qi from non human sources, including sleep, food, the sun, the moon or the cosmos. These people usually find “donors” that willingly permit energy cultivation from the human qi they have cultivated, they know energy working or how to take care of themselves so it doesn’t damage them, and the quality of energy is better than taking qi from randoms, which can also cause interpersonal issues and risk retaliation when people feel the non permitted psychic attack.

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I have removed my chakras for better chi energy in the past, this could be the reason? I should definitely start working on my chi energy! Thanks for your detailed response

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Possibly. I wouldn’t recommend doing work like that unless you already know how to read your energy and tell whether what you’re doing makes sense energetically.

Otherwise it’s a bit like removing that mole from your chest only to find out it was actually your nipple. :smiley:
Removing fake thoughtform “chakras” isn’t a bad idea, messing with the actual energy centers, not so much.

I would agree with you, start from the beginning and learn energy working, build and balance your energy system and it will heal itself naturally, and that will go faster if you work with it with intention.

If you can do one thing, send yourself love. Practice the inner smile and that will go a long way all by itself. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m trying to figure out thing but I’ve deeply f’d myself.

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Mulberry, I know that you practice Qi Gong, does one have to as a beginner, learn from a teacher?

It helps a lot, it’s faster and a teacher can read your energy, actively help you progress and answer questions on the spot.

On your own you have to figure it out for yourself, it needs more time and effort, but it’s very doable.

Personally, I learned from in person classes with qigong healing teachers, acupuncturists and practitioners in New Jersey USA where I used to live. I also attended several Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chi Chuan schools.

There are a wealth of videos, free websites and books that will help you out with that.
Here are some books:


Much appreciated :+1:

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