Help over here!

okay, so my introduction wasnt that good because my focus is in this post; I need help immediately.
few years ago I was really hooked by drug use, and my lack of self love and my necessity to feel powerful made I invoke evil spirits. It was a mistake since i didnt know the basics; deal with my head! i was really young and even though these evil spirits did beat the shit out me i didn’t stop and kept messing with them.
I was engulfed in lust and drugs, as scapism to my pain, but kept summoning then, basically(?wtf??)
things got serious when one of them sent out familiars.I didn’t took it seriously at the time, since i was young, and kept with my vices. But the vibrations of the familiars were superbly aching my non-willing-to-work-leave-me-alone being. I even invoked another demon, for him to help me but him, instead, sent out his familiars… see things turnt out ugly.
ok but few months ago Ive really woked up to reality when i decided to work with qliphotc. got over my vices.
But the thing is that the familiars(these who came first) is really beating me because of my past habits and for tooking so long to start working seriously…and it is driving me insane!
since i didn’t took the situation seriously when they came, they possessed me really quickly.
I got a lot of reasons for them to go away (live in a crowded neighborhood, the house is not mine im too young, have already learned my lessons and got the hang of dealing with spirits.
have also offered them a few times…
I started praying to God, summoned angels, exorcised.
but they dont seem to Cooperate to leave me or start being so meanto my mind and my body

Any suggestions? I going insane and sick, need help

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Are you sure they’re familiars and not parasites?

Are you still talking about your familiars here?

I don’t think I’m following. Why do you need help? Your intro talked about experience in invocation and evocation, right? Surely you banish the area regularly, right?

Have you rules out medical causes that may be exacerbating your abilities?

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yes they are demonic familiars
yes the familiars possessed really quickly
See, I do my banishiments, but they still punish me mentally, also do hear them very often thelepathically ( I think it got something to do with me closing the veil of parroketh??)

I’m not saying this just because of my hellenic roots, it is because of the system you are currently working with.

“evil spirits” or “good spirits” they will always take you to one extreme or the other
scape from the system, seek help from another one

many pagan divinities who can deal with other spirits can work fine for you

the thing is in your system you called for some entities to help now you are calling the oposite forces
they can test you forever if you are going to work that path again

so “angels and demons” are playing with your soul

get out of that system
ask for an outsider divinity to help you or to teach you his/her methods to vanquish them all

if you choose to do so I can give you a last recommendation so they stop harassing you
let me know

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I dealt with drug addiction too :slight_smile: then with medication addiction …
So on a short ideea this things along with traumas and life problems affect your mind , body , energy , aura everything.
And there will be people who will see, sense and use that :wink: and enteties that will do the same .
Some of the negative enteties we create and some we attract
I am sure everyone in one moment had experienced this and like when we have a pysic wound and we have to treat it , the same goes with our soul and mind
Fist I want you to know that YOU are the ONLY one having power over you mind , spirit and body Don’t ever forget that!
It’s not going to pass all of a sudden… Just start by doing daily exercises
To straighten your aura shield
Healing meditation
Spend time in nature
Drink a lot of water and take care at your eating habits
And don’t forget you are the one who has the power :wink: in Your life nothing is more powerful that YOU

As what helped a lot ! Was Archangel Raphael
Best of wishes


tanks for the answer. I’ve tried to contact other gods from other egregores but the things is they follow me for every egregore that i go and are really close to me, other gods don’t seem to help me to send them Away. i think they dont wanna compromise themselves but dealing with the chief of the familiars

thanks for the message, Im trying my best to send them away but im really enthralled with theyr darkness. they are really powerful and dont respect me

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i thought id get more help!.cmon guys… :frowning:

Call on astaroth and belial to banish. Be ready to make changes to your life in every way. Banish And smudge daily.