Help needed

So lately i decided to put a cotton jar obsession spell on my crush and i previously had no success with spells and a little success with Law of attraction.
I would love to know which planetary hour, week of day and phase of moon would be best for doing this spell?

Well, if it is a love spell, Friday, the day of Venus, in the hour of Venus, would be the most appropriate.


Well does an obsession spell count as a love spell? :thinking:
I’m confused

How about Thursday in the jupitar hour? Will it boost her obsession? I’m a noob at magick

If this obsession jar isn’t a love spell, then why are you doing it on your “crush?”

What exactly do you want this person to be obsessed with? What is your specific intent with this spell? You need to be very clear on what you are hoping to accomplish.

And no, Jupiter will not increase the obsession, unless they are already obsessed.

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my personal fav but use with coution cause they can become over the top there is no time of day to cast but its good at night so you can forget about it and sleep over it after you place under your bed

i’ll give you a good love spell…

write your name n persons name on paper n red ink circle it
(you can put a heart around it to)

take one pink candle n one red candle choose the one that will represent you n the person
(dark should b the guy pink girl)

put candle that represents you on the left and the other on the right

light left to right

then speak
(as you speak this take candles over the paper n combined the flames and like the mix wax drip on it)

you will come to me you will fall for me
you will b mine n i yours
forever eternity
this world holds no bounds to me
but i will bind thee to me
it is my will so mote it be

once its said blow the flame out together (do not separate the flame)
and fold the paper towards you so it sticks with the wax
while you fold it say

my devine_____guide_______to me so they will be bound to me in life for eternity
so mote it be.

once folded tie a pink ribbon around it (the nicer it looks the better)

then place it in a jar and seal it

you can bury the jar or keep in contained in a dark place like a box so on so forth it has to be in some place dark.

note;if you incorporating a demon make sure to leave a nice heart felt offering for them only have a demon that deals in the matter of love for this spell it was givin to me by furfur actually and it works very fast and very well


Word of advice with this one, just seeing where it is going.

Be very careful of what you are asking for here.

I didn’t normally say this, but I felt the need to, with the vibe I got from your posts.

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That brought up concerns for me too.

More important than planetary days/hours is the Moon, especially for love spells.