Help needed of anyone willing?

Hi all,

I wouldnt normally ask as im trying to continue with practicing my magick and evocation. However i wonder if i could ask someone to cast a spell for me? I believe i am too close to the situation for me to do anything and actually get results.

I cant currently discuss details openly but if anyone would be willing discuss please can you message me.

Thankyou kindly


Yes, there’s various Rituals you can have cast for you on request.

Price index as referenced,
on the Official Become a living God Page.



Are you able to share a little bit more on public forum? You might be surprised at the response that you get. I feel that you’re close to the situation would be a benefit and who better to channel all the emotions toward your end goal

I think she means she’s close which is making her lust for results. Smart of her to recognize it and seek another caster if that’s the case

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In that case it would make sense, but since they haven’t really shared anything I just didn’t want to assume

They stated they dont want to discuss the details except in PM.

Yes, im too close to the situation for in the hope they will manifest. Its a bad situation with an ex partner who i currently work with at my job very closely with too. Its not a love spell if that helps