Help needed immediately

my brother and i recently got into a serious fight. after the fight was broken up between our parents (him being 19, me being 15), he told me there were other ways to kill me since he had lost. he mentioned the likes of voodoo dolls and said that “there were more than one ways to kill a bitch”. afterwards he tried to grab a knife and march into my room. cops were called and he’s currently in a holding cell. while i have no problem protecting myself against him in a one on one hand to hand fight, the threat does scare me a bit. little does he know, i’ve done my fair share of research on the occult and magick. im asking for any suggestions on ways of protecting myself or hopefully giving him what he deserves. help would be greatly appreciated.

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Start with a salt circle around the perimeter of your room.

Search for “protection” on the forum.

Once you’re safe (i.e. once he’s booked, transferred to a prison, or placed on a psychiatric hold), search for “court case” or “revenge”.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

don’t know exactly how i want to go in terms of revenge, but i understand that more baneful magick may not be the best route for me (with all things required). thank you for your help.

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Summon Sabnock

What about banishing, or healing, or maybe a ritual to remove parasitic energy?