Help needed for beginner

Hi all,

I’m just starting out exploring into realms beyond the physical world and need some good advice.

Here’s my brief history if that’s of any help. When I was still a little boy (6-12 yrs old). I see things that adults consider to be “overly imaginative”. I would see apparitions moving in and out of a corner of a room. At one time, I saw rainbow-like lights hovering out of that corner while I was taking a poop in the toilet next door. I was so scared that I shouted out to my older brother to sit outside until I finished. I remember there were times when my body felt like it’s been squeezed from outside and I was unable to speak. I would see a demon appearing on the ceiling taunting me.

My parents and other adults dismissed these quickly as “just a dream”. My grandma brought a priest to “bless” the house and that’s when it all stopped for a while until a couple more years later and it started again in a new house with a whole different type of experience. I would feel that my entire body is “sunken” and would fight to get out of it. Long story short, 20 years later while on a journey to know the “truth” I came across all this spirit world stuff and understood briefly on the experience I had when I was a little kid. The thing is, how do I control it? It seems to me like the more I want it to happen, the farther away I am from it.

I read many stuff on opening your third eye by breathing and chanting some mantras but it has not worked so well. I could see purple swirling light and sometimes burst of colourful lights but other than that, nothing else. I tried to visualize the eye opening on my forehead but couldn’t feel it. I have so many questions but would like to know what the best beginner’s approach is first. Thanks in advance!

Thanks TE for clarifying some of the many myths about the third eye.
You were spot on about the chanting of “thoth”. I read in many places even in youtube about the chant so thought it’s one of the keys to opening the third eye. I guess it’s all the junks and false guarantees that got my expectations messed up.

I’ve just started meditation for no more than a week. Can you advise what are the basic meditations that’s crucial? What I’m doing now is just a basic breathing exercise like slowly inhale, hold breath, slowly exhale, hold, repeat. At the same time, attempting to visualize the presence of the third eye. Hope that’s the right way…

The old spirits watching while you poop story, eh?

Well technically, the spirit just happened to be passing by from the room next door. I got a glimpse of its lights under the door gap.

You’ve got a long way to go.

Dont expect things to happen quickly and dont only focus on your third eye chakra.

Build some solid foundation with root chakra meditation.

You’ll find some more infos on the internet with some good examples of root chakra exercises.[/quote]

Thanks for the advice. I’ll get busy with that :slight_smile: