Help need advice

I was thinking of making a pact with Thoth because I would like to use the relationship with thoth and with the magic to help with medicine to help people and also get the Nobel Peace Prize in medicine by understanding the communication of the cytoplasm to the nucleus, but I’m not sure if he is the right fit for me because I have never done pact or anything magical before, but ever since, I was a little kid I have been sensitive to things. What do you think? If not Thoth who do you suggest?

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I’m actually not sure if thoth would be a good match for that, and honestly not sure who would.
Before you jump into a pact with any spirit for this goal, I would simply evoke them first and ask them. A pact is often a very binding thing, should get to know an entity first and see if they can assist you in this first before jumping straight to pact making :slight_smile:

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Why do you want the prize? If you want this knowledge just for the sake of bragging rights and money, I don’t personally believe many entities will respect that. If you want it for the betterment of society, perhaps.


I want the prize to help people by increasing knowledge and also to stop hate and ignorance in this world.


Ok thank you for your advice.

Respectable motives. Thoth can help with knowledge. Also Glasya-Labolas can teach all arts and sciences instantly

A Witch once told me that

A Problem, well defined, is essentially a problem solved. You have an idea of what you want. Take the time to truly define what question you intend to ask whatever entity you draw inspiration from.

(And I know I am preaching, so am hoping my lady of temperance will warn me when I am going too far)

You chose Thoth for a reason. You should reflect perhaps on why you chose Thoth.

Major Edit: Also. Be Patient. Do not get your hopes up and trick yourself into thinking the UNREALISTIC.

The fountain tickles our obsession with instant gratification. All good things to those who wait and weave.

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