Help my friend justin please


Greetings everyone.a friend of mine justin(22 years age) following robert bruce for many years has developed the following beliefs since a month or so:

Life is worthless its a trap set by higher beings.its dangerous.

He can create his own dimension where he alone can exist forever with his own rules and regulations

Higher planes are fun to live.lower planes are worthless.

Kundalini rises through vertebral column not spinal cord and once it reaches the top of the head he can kill himself and go to higher planes forever.

He can alter reality through psychic powers if he masters them abd even time travel

Nordics have special magical talent than other races

There is no no point in living.

Monks who do austerity metaphysical practices are going on the right path…and it is the only requirement…normal city life is demonic

He read rb wrote somewhere that monks evaluate their afterlife before death.and he does that everyday writing down his past and confessing his wrongs and rights in case he dies any day

He also planning to buy rb’s kundalini course.and has stopped working for a living.

He feels he has to be in trance all the time till death

He also feels if he is immature and childish he will easily get to astral planes.

I think he might have some psychiatric disorder.but i would like to ask u are there any facts to what he says because he is a very close friend of mine.i would hate to see him ill.and what would u suggest as treatment?

Please help me.


No. It’s BS conspiracy and metaphysical nonsense. I have read Robert Bruce’s works and he doesn’t say anything along those lines.

His mind has snapped. He needs psychiatric help.


Yeah his it sounds like he let his conscious mind dwelt to long on the otherside wether through exposer from the techniques he has been using or his brain rebounded from whatever he is experiencing.

This may be of use also.


Call 911 and get him to a Psychiatric ER. Print that out and take it to the ER with him. Do not back down, he sounds borderline suicidal.


Yes I argree he needs help immediately. He is talking suicide, that is a major red flag!


This energy rises through all levels of self when done correctly. Death is no guarantee of anything other than ceasing to be HERE doesn’t mean it ends anything with the consciousness as energy can not be created or destroyed only changed, least that has been my experience so far.

Pondering Suicide while trying to rationalize it this way could be a result of depression, mental strain, cry for help or as a cope out resulting from fear and escapism from not having enough positive things in one’s life.


I’ve fell into a very similar hole when i was first starting out. kundalini tend to bring underlying issues to the surface so that the meditator can face them, for me it was my back and forth depression and very similar thoughts to what your describing.

but with that said, take what he says seriously and keep a close eye on him, this could just be him working through what ever blockage caused this and it will fade in time, or it could be a potential issue.

for this issue I would say resort to more mundane actions, keep an eye on him and if it seems like he’s going too far, seek psychiatric help


This is not something we can or should handle on a public forum.

If you care about your friend, get him to a doctor as soon as possible.

He is mentally unstable, and needs major grounding.


Any bandaid someone who knows can apply immediately to Justin, such as a forced grounding and binding from harm to self or other?


No. Anything forced upon him will just exacerbate his delusions and instability. Any energy sent his way has the potential to tip him over the edge of no return.

A doctor is needed immediately. End of story. (mundane medical care will have a grounding effect anyway, like immersion in cold water).

And ALL metaphysical and occult practices have to be stopped.


I do know a binding, but I fear the same thing as what @DarkestKnight said would happen.


Thanks guys for ur support.ill get him to psychiatry dept tomorrow at my nearest hospital.

He feels he is an ascended master a saint who has come with a great purpose…sometimes he is krishna jesus dalai lama.he will create his own plane of existence and reside there as the god of that plane.

He is also saying pokemons digimons and all comic characters exist in another dimension and he is going to go there after death.

Perhaps its bipolar

I feel pretty devastated that he has been dabbling with the occult so much that he has become unstable.

Ill do a healing ritual for him also.

Again thank u everyone for ur support and insight.


Guys if a person is diagnosed with a mental disorder like bipolar schizophrenia or ocd should he or she practice occult metaphysical practices and should his insights views experiences suggestions be taken seriously?

I mean in the future can this guy come back to the practices if he is healed

This i have no idea…clinical mental disorder and occult combo.


No one on this forum is qualified to answer that question.


Hold my beer.

Depends on the person. For example, I am bipolar, but I am also not unstable and ready to perform a kundalini fatality on myself. I have been in the past, though, and every single time I really have had to take a step back from the occult and heal my self for my own safety. There is a major difference between being on the edge and being over the edge.

Let me answer a question with a question: are you always going to be there to keep him from decapitating himself? Both questions probably share the same answer. No offense, but when we talk about the potential dangers of the occult, this is one of them. Some people are not disposed to this work; people who want to cut their own heads off fall into that category, IMO.

So go ahead and call me judgmental and closed minded, guys; I can take it. I would rather see this guy not kill himself. Not long ago there was a thread where I argued that there is a indeed a point where you can tell someone is insane? Well this is it. I am not trying to be hurtful, but at this moment in time your friend is crazier than a shithouse rat, even if he does spit out the occasional gem. Get him help. And perhaps do not encourage any behavior that would lead him to a similar state once he is stabilized. Like magick. Would you encourage a recovered drug addict to smoke crack?

Honestly I would suggest doing it now. As in as soon as this response is typed. This sounds serious, friend, and there are a million ways to destroy yourself in 24 hours. If nobody will act, then use domination magick to force the appropriate party’s hand. Just don’t target your friend in any way. These guys are right, you can make the problem a lot worse by using magick on him right now.


As a magician, it’s your responsibility to correct psychological imbalances and problematic behaviors in others. The mind is an energy field and thoughts are merely entrained patterns within that field. You need to raise your energy so your vibration is higher than his, contact him remotely, and model/project healthy emotions and thought patterns to him. His mind will sync to your higher vibration. Get in sync with him, feel what he’s feeling and thinking, then take control and feel the correct feelings and thoughts with him. Project the correct patterns and feelings onto his mind and see them replacing the old patterns. As long as you are sharing feelings of love and compassion and the energy you’re projecting is higher than his current state, he will sync with that higher energy naturally. Just keep projecting the new STRONG pattern and seeing it replace the old pattern - see the old pattern getting weaker and weaker, collapsing. Keep asserting until there is only the new, higher, correct pattern. If you do this correctly, you will notice changes within 24 hours, but you have to repeat the exercise every day until he’s firmly on the right path.

Do NOT utilize witchcraft, Lunar magic, or call on any astral entities for this as they will exacerbate the imbalances. Cases like this are strictly DIY. Psychiatry might provide a little assistance, but in my experience they just reduce the crisis and then hold the problem in stasis. To genuinely fix the underlying problem, you have to correct the energy pattern.


I have to agree with @Woodsman81, @astralreek.
Your friend needs to be admitted to a psychiatric er immediately.
I also agree with @anon31277086 … Anything witchcraft or lunar related is absolutely out.


I avoided practice for years when dealing with severe depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. Mentally I’m stronger than I’ve been in a long time, but I had to cowgirl up and face my reality. I didn’t like who I was or where I was at, and yes escaping into my head was my go to for coping. But that only lasts for so long, and every problem I had was waiting for me when I came back. As nice as it would be, they usually don’t just go away.


I’m in no way a doctor. .
But for me the practice actually helped me overcome depression. At least it isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be…

I used to cut myself alot. Too which I don’t do anymore.

But every situation is different so that is just me sharing my experience. .


Yeah, overall my practice has helped me with my troubles, and I have had some potentially harmful outlets of expression in the past. But this is some next level existential dysphoria.