Help, my friend has generalised anxiety disorder

My curiosity is: which spirit to call up on if you have worst of anxiety disorder?

Talking and coping with psychiatrist never worked out.

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Archangel Raphael may be able to help.
Perhaps Freyr could bring peace.


How do you work with Freya?

Freyr. He’s Freya’s brother.
You can write his name in runic and use it as a sigil, otherwise a prayer with an offering is the traditional method.


anxiety is emotion base symptom base on thinking bad about future or negative outcome of the future. Learn how to manage mind by learning NLP , neuro-linguistic-programming. Magick don’t solve everything.


Freya from Vanaheim we’re talking about right?

Freyr and Freya are Vanir yes.

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Hydroxyzine is a great prescription drug to combat anxiety. Escitalopram oxalate is another drug that works well. Doctors are not a bad thing.


You’re quite knowledgeable thank you.

I can’t read Runic let alone write his name.

I have gifts, but they also run with mental illness in my genes. I find that medications do not affect my gifts, but they do work wonders on my illness.

That’s alright you don’t need to be able to read it, you can just write it over with the corresponding letters, F would be Fehu and so on. But a sigil isn’t even needed, at least I’ve never used one for the Norse Gods.

There are plenty of resources on the Elder Futhrak alphabet (usually what people mean by runes) you can look up. It is written phonetically (how it sounds when spoken) if I recall correctly, so for Freyr, it would be FRAY-R or FRAY-UR if pronounced in Modern Icelandic.

So the runes you would use in this order would be Fehu, Raidho, Algiz, Jera, and Raido again.


But you should do some divination on the subject first. Freyr may not traditionally be associated with mental health. I think Archangel Raphael is more well known for also curing ailments of the mind.

I am actually wondering if Eir would be a good one for mental health, seeing as she is associated with healing in general.


I do have a good feeling about her.

Marbas may also be able to help if you would prefer Goetia


He’s got no disease. Marbas heals you if you’ve got one.

It’s not always as exciting as a magick ritual, but sometimes simple mindfulness meditation can be quite effective. Psychologists have started teaching it for GAD as a part of Dialectical Behavior Therapy as well.

Being present with negative emotions, and not trying to hide from them, is very important, and meditation gives you the tools to do this. It’s not always fun, but feeling the anxiety fully, and acknowledging it while not getting caught up in it, should help over time.

A great book I recommend is The Mind Illuminated by Dr. John Yates (aka Culadasa). It’s the best mindfulness meditation instruction manual I’ve come across. There is some RHP philosophy in it, but you don’t need to follow the philosophy to use the tools.