Help me

Hi. Is there ways that I can use black magick to acheive my ultimate goal of transitioning to female?

I was on hormones for a few months in 2015 but had to quit because of travel reasons.

Please help me. Since I came out in 2014 I have made no progress.

Please help me. The desire to transition is so strong that it tears my heart to pieces. :broken_heart:

I can’t provide a ton of insight, but I’d recommend starting with evoking Belial and requesting help and advice from him on next steps. Belial is very open-minded when it comes to gender and sexuality, and he has been associated with people breaking free of the chains that hold them - in this case, the chain being your biological sex.

More than that is probably best answered by other members who know more than I do.

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Thanks. Ill definately check him out. Ive felt drawn to him as welll as lucifer.

You would basically have to make your brain think it is put into a female body to produce the desired amounts of female hormones and produce less of male hormones for a true change along with genital change. Any kind of powerful magick should do that for you. The key word is powerful. The power does not come from the magick ritual it comes from you. The angel Metatron is said to answer sincere requests of any kind especially for important life changes. This mantra should help, day by day I produce more and more female hormones, you say that enough times you will start producing more female hormones.