Help me understand what is real

Hey everyone…
So this will be my first post, I’m actually incredibly surprised of the way I landed on this website, I’m seeing/reading things that I never thought it was possible, in a positive way.
I’m writing this because I have some questions for myself…
Is there good and evil? The fact that we try to communicate with evil spirits does not bring us bad luck? Is there a payment to be made afterwards?

Lately it’s been a crazy journey for me, till a point that I don’t know what to believe in anymore, but something brought me to this website, which I think I will find many answers for what’s going on in my life. Thank you


My personal advice is that you’ll find concise, dogma-free answers in a short book called The Kybalion, it 's well out of copyright so there are plenty of legal PDFs to be had online, the site I would link you to for it seems to be down but it acts as a manual for metaphysics.

If you can read that, and it really is short and sweet, you’ll be way ahead of where I was when I started, but I recommend it because in 25+ years of practice, everything I learned was neatly summarised as a principle in that book, without any requirements to accept a moral philosophy nor adopt a specific kind of practice.


Good and evil are defined in several ways, but two particular groups point the finger at each other.
There are at least four types of evil, and if the principle of polarity … Then there must be at least four kinds of good.
Thomas Karlsson, and W E Butler describe these various levels.
I look at it this way … We know the problems in ourselves and lives, and life is meant to be lived. Any party involved that can be beneficial, I don’t mind knowing. I reject that which does not apply to my life, I reject that which is not beneficial to my well being and the well being of those I love. I reject programming going against my well being and the well being of those I love. I reject that which oppresses me or those I love.

Thank you :heart: reading it now

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Good and evil are a matter of perspective so I go with skillful or unskillful.
Payment? Usually the payment is some kind of offering. Spirits appreciate gratitude and just like people they love those that love them. And your enemies are their enemies, your friends are their friends. The spirits are not evil but they can harm if they see fit.


What do you mean by they can harm you if they feel fit?
And thank you for this :slight_smile:

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If you start acting like an asshole or you start abusing your gifts they give they may decide to humble you a bit. As far as harm they can kill if they like. That’s how far it goes, but most likely if you are on good terms they will destroy your enemies.


Yes but it’s more complex than that. Your evil won’t be the same as my evil, but everyone is good and evil. It’s just something that is natural among humans and spirits alike.

I don’t believe that the majority of spirits are evil in such a way; in fact, quite the converse. Only “parasites” and certain types of sadists are pure evil. In those cases it’s less about communication and more about protection.

It is customary to offer the “payment” (we call them offerings) before or during your request. This can be anything from dirt to food to (a sensible bit of your own) blood. It depends on the spirit and what you need from them. But, if you feel an extra offering is necessary after a spirit does something benevolent in your favor, then give it to the spirit. My Matron loves candles and berries, and another spirit I work with likes having things returned to nature, and yet another spirit I’m starting to do work with is fond of flowers. Some spirits just like attention every now and then. There’s no one way to do it and it’s best to go with your gut feelings.

I hope this answers your questions.


I’ve noticed that too actually.[quote=“Enki1111, post:1, topic:21176”]
Is there good and evil?

Perspective. Define good and bad. The answer is different with each person.[quote=“Enki1111, post:1, topic:21176”]
The fact that we try to communicate with evil spirits does not bring us bad luck?

Define evil.[quote=“Enki1111, post:1, topic:21176”]
Is there a payment to be made afterwards?

Sometimes.[quote=“Enki1111, post:1, topic:21176”]
Lately it’s been a crazy journey for me, till a point that I don’t know what to believe in anymore

That will happen. You’ll be lifted up and brought down to watch everything burn as things are transformed.


I found this site “joyofsatan” the information there is fascinating.I believe that the Christian God is nothing more than a thought form created by all the sheeple in the world and that another alien race is feeding off of people’s devotion/prayer to that thought form.
Now I have no moral,I don’t believe in “good” or “evil” anymore.Sounds crazy but if you’re on this site your probably pretty open minded.
One thing that confuses me is the angels,what are they?do they really serve Adonai/Elohim?


Everything is illusion, and you are illusion too so…