Help Me Understand Dreams Of King Paimon?

That’s not unheard of, forum member @succupedia may have more to say on this, and I receommend reading his posts on here (and check his profile, as well).


There’s a lot of benefits with marrying a spirit, but it’s not for everyone to pursue such a path. Once you made a pact of marriage, there’s no turning back and a break up with regrets could be quite the challenge. We tend to be consensual based on moments, but a spirits consent can be based on a more everlasting choice. If it includes intimacy and sex, the spirit take pretty much every advances it can to turn you on, just on the premises of your first consent made.


That’s marriage and plus I believe marriage is for life could you please tell me if there’s any dangers if any in marriage to a demon. I don’t trust human men in that sort of way I will be friends with them .

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Is there any dangers in marrying a human? Any kind of relationship has the risks of ending in very bad breakups, and that can even include being married to a demon, if you don’t take it seriously, that is.

There’s a lot of similarities of spirit marriage and human to human marriage. The ground principles of a relationship is very similar. There’s sacrifices and compromises on both ends, and some of it is more literal than a temporary statement of the moment. Would you brake up with a spirit because he doesn’t agree with you on a specific point of view? Or that he throws his socks and underwear all over the place? Or because the relationship has become a little too comfortable? These are a common reason for humans to end their marriages and relationships, because it’s “bothering” them that much. Petty reasons for a breakup, huh?

Spirits are more tolerant, more loving and understanding than most humans are.


That’s all I want something that is loving and loyal I somehow need to find the right demon

You could find your life becomes allied with theirs, and that their agenda and yours merge, so you need to be clearbeforehand about what you want in life, and (more importantly) what you DON’T want.

Spirits will often push you to do things, to better yourself, so you need to know what your boundaries are. I put everything I know about that in a post, which I’ve refreshed to update it in the thread linked below.

And if you do plan to see men, or have children (possible these days with a donor if you meet certain criteria) you will need to sort that out before marrying, changing your mind later might have repercussions.


It seems you may be being courted by a demonic King, and although you very much have the right to refuse, researching him would be a good start?


I am willing to accept but I would to whom it any interested as I am not your average thin person

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Spirits don’t give one good goddamn about things like that!

They, uniquely, see us for our potential and our true personaltity. That is truly going to be the last thing that would stop a spirit from desiring you, they can often spot that someone has potential that’s going to get wasted among normal humans, and find you especially appealing, like a diamond in the rough.


I need a clue then I will do all the rest

That’s nice

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You have a tutorial for a method that usually costs people in excess of £150 to study over a weekend’s in-person training, and that PM I sent you has lots of links, including this excellent seminar:


Thank you

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And sometimes they take it as far as worshipping us, treating us as their equals, even to the extent of spoiling us. And if they know about our past of not experience these kind of treatments, they can make it quite humorous and entertaining by spoiling us excessively. It’s a heartwarming experience, because it’s made with good intentions and not as a mockery.


I’ve never had those experiences

“I’ve never had those experiences yet.”

Fixed that for ya. :wink:

I don’t know how this thing with King Paimon will work out, but repsct, love, and cherishing are part of any good marriage. :thumbsup:

I’ve never had those experiences. I’m told I’m clever and probably why kept on getting bullied from everyone who was close to me

I have been trying to travel to another realm as with what we discussed just the other day. Every time I lay down and stand up I feel dizzy and different, it was kinda strange at first it was a struggle I seem to do better when I am lying down but now I am doing it whilst I’m standing. Every time I try have a discussion with king paimon I seem to pull out off it or that either I’m going shy or just asking him how he is

what is being courted by a demonic king like? please help as im very confused on this subject

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