Help me translate this language?!

can you, please, translate this for me (if you can)? my wife has been given these words through automatic writing by a being called Amael:

el amodem eladon farai achem adon elemar don indono dei am

sorry, if did not present myself properly

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Welcome @Cr1ogeN I see you joined us back in August but have not yet introduced yourself, despite me asking you to do so back in October when you first posted. Please make a topic in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum and required.

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yes, sir

I wonder if it’s a cipher?

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Looks a little like Portuguese without spaces typed in…

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Is it Elamite maybe???

i don’t really know what language it could be, that’s why i asked here
maybe there’s a scholar who can help me here :slight_smile:

it could be, yes

It seems to have some elements of Hebrew, Italian and several angel names. Interesting.


I think @Maxwell is right. I believe it might be a cypher.

Anagram seems too easy. Maybe. Try it.

i would gladly try it, but in what language? :smiley:

Which do you think in?

i already tried to unscramble word to word in my own language, but did not succed… maybe other technique?

Call him up and ask him what language it is in.

he said “arama” i don’t know if it’s aramaic or not, and i surely don’t have a translator :slight_smile:

Closest thing I can come up with is some type of Angelic Hebrew. I will work on it and comeback.


thank you

There’s this, from another site you posted this on.


Coming soon to this thread:

"well, long story short

i started to feel a presence and touches at night while i was in bed

then i tried to get in contact with whoever visited me on a regular basis… initially i thought it was a succubus spirit or something like that… i tried automatic writing and my hand started to write words that were not mine

and one of the spirits presented himself as Asmodai/Asmodeus… told me that i’m their incarnated angelic brother or something like this and they finally found me… and they cannot give me direct info, because of Yahweh/Yaldaboath arhcons :)"