Help me see my aura

Hey it’s Noir here, can anyone please help me see my aura?

I would love to practice what I just learned but I don’t have any white wall in my house. If you could please let me know, and is it possible to just see it from a pic of my body part like my hand? If possible I would like to learn how to see it through pictures too.

Thanks a lot!

Why not hang up a white sheet if you don’t have white walls. White is white after all.


You can use white papers to practice on and sometimes when you can see auras you do not need white backgrounds anymore since it is just a practice to see the auras much clearer. But if you really don’t have any white paper or sheets, any light color background will do just fine, it will just take some time for you to identify the color of aura.

I think you can’t see aura from an ordinary picture unless you use a special camera designed to capture auras.

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Thanks for the replies, I’m just done after meditating to deepen my intuition and in the process I saw it turn from deep blue-purple and I just need to make sure of it. Thanks for the infos!

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I think purple auras have connection with intuition, i guess it really fits you!

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thanks I hope so! It was changing from light stained glass - blue to light cobalt blue and to deep yet bright purple, glad that my meditation works then! Thanks for thw info.


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