Help me save my Soulmate!

When the time comes anyone who has experience with Behemoth and Samael or suggestions for any other entities that would get the job done, I am open to all help. My work with demons so far is all research and theory, so I’m totally open to reliable help in not effing it up!

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Do you think using a similar letter and ritual to the one described in the thread linked below would work for this? When I read this post the other night it seemed like a great way to contact Lillith and ask for her help, just adapted to ask to remove instead of evoke.

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Your girl who has the parasite.

She is unaware of the parasite. And it’s attached to the house more than just her now.

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@succupedia @DarkestKnight

Any suggestions? All help welcome!

Well, I’m not an expert on banishing spirits, because I never had a need for banishing. I still suggest doing a Lesser Baninshing Ritual Of The Pentagram.

…but, there’s really nothing that indicates this particular spirit to be a succubus/incubus. It seems to be a parasite with succubus-like tendencies. Don’t get me wrong. A succubus/incubus on the “wrong” side of the fence, can wreck havoc and do serious damage and they’re almost impossible to banish if they are deeply connected to their target. But this particular spirit/parasite isn’t one of them, at least as it’s described.

Of course you can try the “Letter Method”-ritual in reverse, empowering it with all four Queens, including Samael. You just have to figure out how to write that letter.


I think some of you are confusing the parasite in the house with the incubus/succubus that the person she is with right now is carrying. This person has ZERO attractive or redeeming qualities. He embodies all the qualities my mate despises and yet she is drawn to him. And he is cheating on her with 3 other women. That definitely sounds like an incubus to me. But I could be wrong.

I can banish the psychic parasite just fine. I need help with the spirit, be it incubus, succubus or other that the asshole that seduced her away and has her acting like her anti-self is using on her.

Are you speaking about an incubus possessing a human male? Possesions needs to extremely strong to work and it’s extremely rare of it to even be like this, even if the human male are aware of it. This is from someone having two spirits being permanently attached, which is basically the same as having a permanent possesion.

If we are talking about an incubus possessing her unawarely, what makes you so sure it is? These kind of events doesn’t happen in a whim. It takes weeks and sometimes months for a spirit to succeed an attachment or a possession. But this is from someone who is aware of spirits, energies, emotions and feeling spirits on a physical level.

Some women likes men that behaves like assholes, even if they openly hates these kind of men. I haven’t really figured out why some of them do this. :thinking:

I’m sorry if I can’t give you the answer you want with this issue, even though I shared my thoughts and suggestions.


Again, to clarify the incubus is attached to and masquerading as person. The parasite is a seperate entity and issue of much less consequence. The person who cursed my mate is another person. I need help, primarily, with the incubus. I need it gone and it’s power over her gone. I need her to see through its lies, deceptions, manipulations, sex and see its human host’s infidelity and kick him out of her life.

A human, biologically female but in contemplation of transition and preferring male pronouns is a host to an incubus or succubus that “he” was probably born with it attached to him and is using it to prey on MY mate and 3 other women! Again, probably not aware that this is the source of his uncanny power over women.

I know I’m late but best advice call on Lilith and sitri…they both can take the entity away and keep him from coming back…

After that call on either lord marcosious ( my preferred) to help you protect your house hold and teach you how to defend yourself magically and physically

Then call on mistress gremory to show her why she loves you more ask her to find her lost memories of good time and show them to her

Then call on mistress guision and ask her for her diving healing for all in the house hold

Then call on my beloved furfur and ask him to rekindle all the lost feelings and make it more long lasting passion in your relationship

Lastly either enki or Lucifer can do this call on either one or both(if both do it at the same time and prepare yourself due to strong heavy and dark energy) ask them to get back at the one or ones who cursed your soul mate and make it ten to twenty folds worse on him or them

I really hope if you accept my advice I aspect things to turn better within two to three weeks and life will be better for you and I’m actually wishing this to become true for you as well…if not though I still hope all goes well


A few people have recommended Lilith and a few other spirits as well as other suggestions. The sooner you try them, the sooner you can potentially have this situation taken care of and your love back. Give one of the solutions a try.

Good luck.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I’m trying to find the sigils for those suggested. I want to make sure I connect to the correct entities.

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Just be respectful that’s all you need to do they will come and I know things will go better also becarefue not to over exsert your self calling all in one night it takes alot of energy to do that


THANKS! I will start with Lilith and Sitri I think and get them to take care of the incubus and then I will gradually work on the other aspects. Calling the correct being for each purpose and not crossing purposes on the same day or night. Also, I intend to always do my best to show utmost respect to any being I work with or ask for help. To do otherwise is not just rude but foolish and depending on the being could be dangerous!


I’m so glad furfur is my fav on that list most know why i have a great feeling gor you so please keep us updated on everything if you have any questions please feel free to p.m me


@bunny4cam I don’t know how to PM. Not 100% sure I can yet. Forum newb.


No not yet more you post it will come up for you on your profile

Small update. For the past week everywhere I turn, everything I do and everytime I look up anything, Belial keeps cropping up. I feel I am being directed to work with him. It has been suggested elsewhere that he may be able to help with this situation. I am going to contact him first since there are so many signs pointing to him. But I am definitely going to keep all of the other suggestions in mind and ready. Thanks again @bunny4cam for all of your wonderful advice. Woulld love yourinput on Belial for this situation as you seem to know what you’re talking about and have a genuine compassion for and wish to see this situation resolved. Thanks again to everyone who has chimed in and offered help. I’ll keep everyone posted. For now, back to sleep, have to keep my strength up for these workings.