Help me please

I need money to save myself from eviction. For the last week I tried every single magick method I came across. And I tried lots of mundane ways as well and nothing’s happened. In fact it got worse.

If anyone here was in a simillar difficult situation, please share what you did to solve it.


Naamah works very quickly. Try learning Her evocation, delivering it with passion and making a deal with Her (don’t break the deal). Naamah really is a material girl. Her evocation has been posted by someone or other.

After that smack yourself across the face and make a sandwich or walk or do housework - anything to take your mind off of the Magick you’ve done. Particularly if you’re new, repeat evocations are recommended.



I found it!

Thanks alot. I will be doing this tonight.


Take a look at this post, might help.


what ever you do you can bring saint .expedite into the whole working to make sure the result happens super fast.


Sometimes you just have to lose. I’d been living in an SRO in the homeless system for 4 years, paid for by Section 8, when the program got a new manager after 18 years. She took it upon herself to start throwing people out if they didn’t bring in income, even though everybody’s rent was automatically paid every month anyway.

I didn’t want to have to sit through bullying sessions with her and her coworkers, so I voluntarily left before they evicted me. I sold what I could of my stuff but had to donate most of it just to get rid of it. I took a bus/train combo halfway across the country to try to live in Penn Station in NYC, and got taken in immediately by a wealthy stranger who styles celebrities for a living, but when I told him I was a Kundalini mystic he was visibly terrified and put me out the next day so he could go to a Christmas party.

I was already married to Satan, but he didn’t step in to secure me anything permanent. I ended up having to go back to abusive family, so I would be forced to confront them until I’ve stolen all their power. I’ve been here for a few years.

In my case, the reason all that happened is I was going through my Pluto square Saturn transit. There was nothing that could’ve prevented what happened.


I’m sorry, I can’t edit what I said but I need to make a selfish correction or I won’t be able to sleep. It wasn’t halfway across the country. 1/4 of the way east-west. 1/2 north-south.

You’re at a catch 22 because you desperately need a result – and the desperation you have is manifesting more of the desperation :frowning:

My suggestion – petition to Lucifer or Raziel to be shown guidance on what to do and which spirit to request help from.

As weird and paradoxical and even cliche as it may seem, you need to “let go of your worry”. If you end up getting evicted anyway, so be it. It’s part of your journey, part of your story. If nothing else, it will serve to strengthen you going forward.

Open ended magick would be the best and fastest way to get a result. Cast an open ended spell and let the universe decide what the result will look like. Instead of attempting to channel a very specific result, like cash to prevent an eviction, cast a spell to ensure you have a stable living arrangement. That way, even with the potential for disruption, you can be assured you will have a home :slight_smile:


There is site might help you. Or (charges 15 dollars)

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