Help Me Identify

My family has had a darkness hover it for years. I’m not clear if this is something from my grandmother ( dad’s mom) as she was a wicked woman disguised as a saint. I vividly remember coming home at roughly 5 years old and she was on her knees cursing our doorstep. My first psychic encounter was in her living room at the age of 4 where I saw bed after bed of wounded soldiers in a very old makeshift hospital.

At any rate, she was horrendous in life and I would assume also in death. For years my brother and I have tried to identify whatever it is to no avail. More recently we’ve been at it more and last night he got to see it:

It was a very tall, lanky and pale bald entity. He says the skin was so pale it was almost grey and it looked humanoid. It was standing at the end of a hospital corridor and was naked aside from bloody, fleshy bits and pieces that it wore as “badges” and “trophies.” It also had its arms crossed and each hand held a dagger.

The part that unsettled him, bearing in mind he’s worked with far darker sinister things than even I, is that this thing was proudly wearing each thing he took from us. Each bit of happiness, each fight, each low point or disappointment and they could never be returned. It was also smiling.

As he tells me this I got an overwhelming rush of revelation that we can kill it because it feeds on negative and only knows negative, whereas we can transform any feeling or energy. But we don’t know what it is and have never come across something that looks like this.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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Another interesting bit is as I’m explaining what is being translated to me he got partially possessed by Lucifer. Lucifer has only ever used him as a medium because he is highly sensitive when he had a message to convey to me that I couldn’t receive on my own. He has always been respectful of his stance and boundaries. But not with this - he took over him for a good ten minutes and was opening his mind but did not tell him what or who it is.

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I think he’s been fed not only from negativity as you said but from all kinds of emotions that involve your household. I got a strong feeling that you should check whether this thing is a form of A.A. Michael or not. I know many evil people who used the angelics for their cause.


So you think it could possibly be an angelic? Anything she would have learned would have been stregheria and her own mother was a gypsy with a star burned into her ankle. I’ve dug so deep and I can’t find what they could have used.

That would certainly put a twist on things as Michael is a patron to my brother whereas Lucifer is my own. I’ve called on Michael with success but when at the same time as Lucifer he did make a point to make me physically uncomfortable- he was like touching fire and very mean.

I want it dead. I don’t care to have anything back like my brother does. I want to kill it.

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If 2 people work with the same entity and one of them sends a hex to the other using that same entity, it’s not uncommon that he/she will do the biding non the less… Especially if your grandmother have send him long before you or your brother worked with him.

I know many “good christians” who have send a curse using angelics, even people who have nothing to do with magic(k). But beside that, I do get the feeling there’s an angelic behind it one way or another, and that’s not coming from my personal dislike for the angelics.


She had a will of steel and a master manipulator. That’s the part that concerns me because she would get anything she wanted and she wouldn’t have known just what she was doing. So it’s probably a hodge podge mess to undo not something clean cut. Even in her death it appears she is still the puppeteer with her children. I don’t care though I’ll blast her too, she is garbage.

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