Help Me ID This Airport Or Station?

I had a precog dream last night I need to take action on, I can do that with the link from the dream but wondered if the folks on here recognise this:

  • airport or train station - could even be port, something to do with mass trans, public not freught, and probably not military

  • big wide ramps zig-zagging up, shallow incline for people with their luggage and trolleys etc, in what looks like pale cream stone, with some of those motorised walkways on one side, but mainly long shallow z-shapes to go up and down

  • the side wall of this is sheer glass, for maybe the height of 3 or mnore conventional storeys

  • this window has on the outside what looks like a very wide sill (not sure of the correct term) and that has fountains in it, so you look out the window maybe halfway up the series of wide ramps and see the water playing.

Moderatelyt important I find out where this is, and some of you may live nearby or have travelled through it? :+1:

Thanks in advance for anything, I’m not sure where to start.


Reminds of me Canary Wharf or the docklands ?

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Is it similar to this:

…and this:

The first pick is in Norway and the second is in Australia.

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Greenwich close to the space museum x just acting on what comes to mind upon reading x

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The second one looks like similar architecture but not exactly what I saw, the big wide ramps are inside the glass, and the fountains are outside one like a flat projection, maybe yellowish/sand coloured concrete or more stone, like sandstone colour. :thinking:

The fountains rise up right outside the window (not onto the glass though) as though to break up the secene outside, I couldn’t really see that, it may have been a car park or runways or something the designer felt needed softening, probably car park because this felt like the “front” of the building, afaik the business end is the back.

There wasn’t that much metal on display either except some kind of handrails by steps that cut more steeply upwards, I don’t have an architectural vocabulary so I can’t really describe how it all worked.

Just checking the video now, thanks! :+1:

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Like this?

This is JFK Airport in New York.

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Charles du Gaulle France



It’s only a concept design and there’s no fountain or glass, but…

It reminds me of hamad international airport in doha, quatar

I’m surprised how many airports have fountains.