Help me connect with angels

1 how to connect with angels?
I can’t love My Heart belongs to one being she’s currently dead so I need to love care without her giving me access to my love.
How to connect with love?
How to care? How to place myself in angel frequencies? Any resources, links books etc that will help me connect with angels?
How to meditate on love care?
Songs movies tv documentary Bible anything that can help me connect with angels to complete the Task I came her to do.
The task is to get empathy through angels

Currently I can not see or hear people in pain crying and I want that to change so help me with my Task thanks :blush: have a good day

@DarkestKnight works with angels quite often


Thank you :pray:

You were answered by @DarkestKnight and @Keteriya in your introductions when they told you to look into damon brands books.

Correcting myself here. Ignore my you already were told, you in fact were not. Confused this with another new person who is also looking into this @zelda . Looks like you both are looking into working with angels and are both in the same spot with learning. The ground floor.

But yeah sorry you can definitly check out damon brands books, I personally own and use atleast 1 of his.


Pstt, wrong guy, my friend :wink:


Yea obviously the wrong guy

I find Damien Brands books are very helpful, especially 72 angels of magick, archangels of Magick and you might like angels of transformation as well. There is also another book by a different author but same label called angels of Love, and I’m not always on but you can pm me for more advice if you like, I have spent a lot of time working with angels and don’t mind helping out a bit.


Get Jared Tempest’s books. But be aware: there is nothing pink and fluffy and lovely about angels. Those guys can kick all of our asses at the same time.

But they also deliver what’s asked from them.