Help Looking for a quick assassin

I’d just like to loook for and ally myself with a baneful spirit that’s is capable of causing death quickly. Not making the person suffer although if it comes with that I don’t care. I thought maybe the dead in necromancy or the death gods.

I’m not necessarily learning to use it, but to learn from it. Because the faster the Magick works the stronger it is. So an assassin that delivers quickly is probably really good.

Book of smokeless fire is good. But can anyone help me find a spirit that can deliver death quickly, in less than 2 years?

Dra’talon from what I understand is less than 2 years

Really. I didn’t know that. He’s on one of my pieces of shit enemies approaching the 2 year mark in June. Well I’ll see. But do you know any more?

Uhmmmmm. Adrahmelech?

Try looking for Norath, Hunter of men.

There’s proper info about him on the forum…

Not to be fucked with, gets shit done…

Once again, read the instructions and overall bio very carefully and consider clearly what you are calling.

Best of luck.

Dark regards.

My friend dratalon or samael but havent worked with them … you can also make your own course

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Dra’talon is not an entity I’d go for if you want a quick death. He tends to take his time torturing the person first. Try glasya-labolas from the goetia


The second name of Andras is fast. He will get the job done very quickly, but he sometimes is messy. He doesnt care for any collateral damage.


Did you use his sigil to bring death within days
Or different sigil like seal of saturn
From ea baneful magick book
Might be fourth pentacle of saturn

Sorry to disturb u again

no hes never killed someone that fast for me. You can’t really control the speed at which something like this is done.

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My intent is strong

Then what sigil u used

Please share @Verdo

i dont even know what you’re trying to do exactly. Theres many baneful entities out there that can work. Glasya is fine to use. you can google his sigil

Well wat about necronomicon.? I use a book bfre, whit andras square, byt besides jar which take forever .consagrate a doll, put goofer dust bzpti2 first etc and knife it. Check old books snd created u own

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