Help Interpret Weird Sexual Dream

About a month ago, I performed a curse on a person. Last night I had a dream that she tried to seduce my husband, but he didn’t take the bait. Instead she had a incestuous orgy on the other end of a very large room we were in. (I usually don’t have sexual dreams. But when I do…whoa!) When they were done getting freaky, she was walking around naked and had a whole body tattoo of a Ouija board that wrapped around her torso. When I asked her if she used it to summon demons, she laughed and said she wasn’t into that type of stuff. Apparently I was going to run my mouth about what I had witnessed, because her mother-in-law sent me an entire room full of flowers in an effort to keep it a secret.

I interpret this dream as a sign that the curse is working and that she has something to hide. But maybe the ouija board means she has protection and she was lying about using it, although she doesn’t seem like a spiritual person. (Raised Catholic but doesn’t practice. No tattoos in real life.) What are your thoughts?

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