HELP! Im giving my fav necklace to my crush ın 6 hours

I have been using this necklace as pendulum on rituals and not taking it off me for a year. I recently changed the chain but charm is still the same. I want to give it to my crush who leaves far away (my friend goes to his city she will give it to his friend and his friend will give it to him) and I wonder if I can do anything with it. I want him to think about me nonstop. If u know sth pls help I don’t have lot of time.

Since this was posted a day ago, I’m assuming you’ve already given it to your crush. Lots can still be done with this. You’ve given your crush a link to yourself. You can use this to help implement thoughts in his head, send emotions, or to make it easier if you want to astral travel to him.


Can u explain more. What can ı do with it.

It really depends on what your goals are. As I said, you’ve given him a link to yourself. Your energy is in the necklace. So spells you cast on him can have a better effect or work more directly. It’s not as great as having a link to him from him. But it’s still a solid help for any magick you’ll perform. Think of it like he has a chord that’s hooked to you, in a way. You can send him energy through this chord, you can send him spells, etc. You can be creative and achieve goals with this link, depending on what you want to accomplish.

If you astral travel, you can travel to him easier using the necklace as an anchor, for example.

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