Help identifying a spirit from my adolescents

So the story starts with my grandmother when she was a child and dabbling in the occult. Her and her siblings went to a local abandoned mine that had rumors of “devil worship” where alot of bones on livestock animals where found and some spirit attached to her a started following her until my mom was around seven or eight. My grandma never talked much about it and has passed away so I can’t question her on it now. However it attached to my mom when she started to dable as well she says it started with a doll of my grandmas moving around when she was little and later in life she had seen it multiple times usually appearing as a large shadow dog with glowing red eyes or a large bat winged horned creature with glowing red eyes. It had followed her until I was about thirteen and started getting into the occult as well. I remember seeing it always late at night usually woken up from sleep either standing out side my bedroom window at first and then later at the foot of my bed appearing in the shape of a man but a solid black mass with glowing red eyes I can vaguely remember anything from this interaction but I can remember that it smiled at me even though I couldnt see its face other than it’s eyes I somehow knew it smiled and it tried to talk but I can’t remember anything that was said. Any help would be appreciated