Help identify this spirit or parasite

Hey everyone,

Hope you all have been doing well and manifesting all your desires!

I am trying to help a friend identify what they describe as a nuisance spirit who is taunting them frequently. Unfortunately when I come around I don’t sense anything and they complain it mostly annoys them between 3am and 5am, so it’s hard for me to be present and communicate with it. I have no idea what it is…

So I am turning to this wonderful community in hopes of finding help identifying what this spirit or parasite could be. I believe knowing who/what it is will help defeat it since regular banishing hasn’t been as effective with getting rid of it. Here’s the significant details they’ve provided me:

  1. They’re constantly tired, drowsy, fatigued… no matter how much sleep they get. I assume it’s also partly because they’re being awakened in the middle of the night.

  2. They said this spirit only makes itself known during the middle of the night (3-5am). Even if they sleep in a hotel or friends house. They can’t hear it or see it but can feel it (when awake) however they’re not very experienced in communicating with spirits and partly why they turned to me for help.

  3. One night they had a dream around 3:30am where a black beetle :beetle: was biting the back of their skull and sucking the blood from their head. This beetle took 4 bites in a vertical line starting from the top of their head down to the back of their neck. They woke up and although there was no visual evidence, the pain/feeling was very real they were scratching the back of their head throughout the day… (even when we met)

  4. Not sure if this one is related, but a week or two later their girlfriend was screaming in her sleep and she was having a very vivid dream where a brown/tan lizard like creature was crawling on the back of her neck. They woke her up.

Anyone have any idea what this beetle-like blood-sucking spirit could be? :thinking: I’ve tried to search and haven’t found anything, so your help in identifying this is truly appreciated! :pray: