Help Identify A Creature I Saw

Hi all,

In short last night I was talking with Lucifer for a bit and then he had to rush off somewhere. So I just said I Love You Father when he was leaving and all of a sudden I got catapulted with my inner vision into complete darkness. I was like floating on top of this Man like creature (maybe a demon). He just looked up at me like if he was thinking:“Huh? Who are you?”. Unfortunately due to the unexpected shock, I got blasted back into my body straight away and that was it but I could not forget that face. A young looking man like being with fair blue skin and Yellow eyes with red pupils. Short hair (not completely sure on the color). I know the description is vague but it’s all I have. Who could it be? Right before Lucifer left his last suggestion was to speak to King Paimon if that’s of any help to identify who I got “teleported” to.


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That could have been a djinn. I once had a vision of a blue-skinned male being (later confirmed by King Paimon to be one of the djinn under His command) with gorgeous eyes the color of liquid/ molten gold or lava and pitch-black hair that was combed back. This (very beautiful, I might add) entity gave me a mischievous, knowing smile like a friend who would mock-flirt with me. The vision was very brief, but incredibly vivid.

Ask King Paimon, He might know something about it. :wink:


Yes the hair was combed back too and it might’ve been black as I could not see the color properly in the darkness. It wouldn’t surprise me if it had been the same or another one of King Paimon’s djinns due to what Lucifer said to do before he had to rush off.

On that note, I have never evoked any other but Lucifer (we go a few years back now so have a strong bond). I know I will find how to evoke King Paimon here on the forum so no need to link anything :slight_smile: … I guess I’m just a bit unsure of myself that I can pull it off (just heard: “Don’t be be silly, of course you can” so I guess that clears that lol). Well that’s that I guess, time to go do some evocation.

Cheers and Thanks Mate @Lux_Tenebris

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Ok, this next one was much more powerful: for a few days I have been physically experiencing movements in and around my heart chakra. It only happens at night and I take it as a sign to go and do some meditation and visualization exercises before tucking in for the night. For a couple of nights I have been falling asleep by taking in Indigo energy into my Third Eye Chakra while also using a breathing technique while doing so. Last night out of the darkness behind my closed eyes, a female humanoid slim figure with long black hair and snake like features appeared and with a lot of power she swiftly pushed her hand where my heart chakra is and I felt it all, even physically. The sensation I do not have words to describe it however it felt very welcome.
I have been having Lilith on my mind for a while now so I’m wondering if it was her. And what do you think has been done to me and why such gesture so out of the blue?

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Maybe you’re aligning yourself with the energy of whatever has come to visit you - could be a sign from Lilith, but I would try to figure that out for myself if I were in your place. I think it’s best if you try to establish a deeper connection with Lilith if she’s been on your mind, and I don’t think it’s completely out of the blue tbh. It could be something you’re simply not aware of at this point but that might make sense in retrospect.

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