Help! I need to banish spirits

I previously posted a thread in the new magician post. Basically I have spirit lovers, but I have had to have a few talks with them about boundaries and knowing when to stop molesting me at night and they won’t respect my wishes. I need to banish these spirits, they are two female ghosts. How can I do this?

If you need more information let me know.

In order to Banish them respectfully and correctly. You need to identify which is which at any given moment.
If you have accomplished that, and confidently can tell each apart,
Then you will need to call forth one of them at a time, and LITERALLY tell them what it is they are doing that is bothering you.
Then if they still don’t offer their cooperation it is more then proper to perform a simple banishing spell.
Id suggest praying a prayer before addressing your ghosts,
To Lilith
Or Hecate (even Naamah would work well.)

Hope that helps man

And just some advice,
If you arent a very solid or skilled practitioner then be veey careful with invocations AND Evocation . And Always have a goal and point when you do.