Help for Writing A Novel?

Is there any spell I can cast or being I can ask for help? I have a novel I’m working on to sell on Kindle. But it has grown into a desperate need to finish, as we are having money troubles and it might get my family up on our feet better.

Problem is I have problems where I hit a wall and I just cant continue the writing. Sometimes because I feel down on myself and sometimes because I worry it’s not interesting enough. Is there anything at all that I can do? I’d like to get in 1,000 words a day 7 days a week.

I worry a bit about asking spirits for help though. I’ve read some bad stuff in my life where a person obsessively works on their project then dies either to the spirit or exhaustion when its finished. But I trust you guys will be able to help me.

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Not sure where you read that. Those are Hollywood accounts, Spirits don’t want you to die but improve so they would stop you if you over worked yourself.
If you need confidence and inspiration I’d go with King Paimon and Belial.


King Paimon can help. He is the master of all arts and sciences. i have talked with him about my own writing.

Another option is Mammy’aon, from the Book of Azazel. He is sort of a demonic muse and can help with inspiration if you have writer’s block.


I read very very old books on faeries and spirits that I found in my family’s farm house.

I was wondering if Paimon would help with that. Hes pretty intimitading when you’ve never done this before though… but it cant hurt to ask.

Most people call upon King Paimon for mind manipulation, but as I said, he is also the master of all arts and sciences and from my experience he likes being called for those.

But always make sure you address him as King Paimon, not just Paimon. He demands respect for his rank.

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King Paimon is a very patient and over all nice Daemon/Djinn; he is very good for newer Magicians.

I see what you mean now, Fae can be tricky and shouldn’t be taken lightly this is true.

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Stay positive about sprits and show respect, that will do in most of the cases, and search and read within the forum, get ideas what they like, what they ask and success stories too, to tell you the truth as most of us are in touch with sprits and we still do good indeed better than before and you’ll do so.

A book- The Kybalion- I may suggest, other than sprits mentioned here, you may read it ; sure it will prove to be useful.

-it’s a free ebook and you may find via google

Good luck :slight_smile:


That was my bad @DarkestKnight I forgot for a second to address his name so.

And thank you everyone for your suggestions.

@ZAMRAN I’ll definitely give that a read. Thank you.


Try goetia spirts its 2, and i tnk 1 angel. And besides amazon kindle is a tought market. Uf u put in free kindle u get like 3 dollrs a month in royalty, for each book. If someone read u book. Now to sell.,? U pay taxas. If u book is $4 u gwt like, $1.96 cents. But u need to sell at least 400 kindle a month and still not enought. Some companies buy u book under 10000 thousands words. Good luck


You have to drop your baggage when you write. It’s process, not product. You’re not going to fix your family’s financial problems with a single self-published novel. A continuous string of novels over several years might do it. But if you’re writing with the idea that this one novel has to be the most brilliant thing ever and fix all your problems, you’ll only sabotage yourself and your work.

Get your hands on a copy of this. Follow the method exactly and you can break any block you’ve got going.

As a spiritual practice, I recommend working with Tara. I could rattle off a list of spirits that are “good for” writing, but I’ll send you straight to the Goddess instead. Her mantra for help with creative and intellectual endeavors is Rig Je Ma. Recite that mantra 108 times while looking at a picture of her and thinking about your writing. Do this every day for at least 40 days. She is powerful, compassionate, and extremely helpful.