Help for the art competition

So I’ve been interested in the occult for maybe a month now and have been following E. A. Koetting’s mastering evocation course.I remember hearing him say that when he started with evocation, he constantly summoned demons to learn…well summoning demons and the reason i haven’t been doing that is that i just don’t know what to ask of them. But now there is that art competition in which i’m participating and i thought that i may use this as a way to practice evocation. I just don’t know which demon or spirit to use for this matter. So if anyone has an idea, you are absolutely free to leave a suggestion.
Also I am open to ideas for what kind of demons, spirits and angels to evoke.


Just follow your own intuition. It may be Azazel, or Lucifer, King Paimon, Belial; Inanna; Hecate, Odin any spirits/gods that you feel inclined. Just evoke and spend some time to make an acquaintance and you do not need thing ask anything just try to feel the presence, show respect and believe that things will get better for you.

Mastering evocation course of EA is a wonderful option, you will learn great things from the Masters.

As for art competition and art in general Vapula (from Goetia, Great Duke) is known to enable a period of practice that will rapidly make you an expert in any art or craft. So he may help you with your more specific requests too.

Good luck :slight_smile: