Help for some books

I want to buy some books of qliphothic and Left hand path philosopy but the most of this kind of book contains invocation, rituals, ecc. But i don’t whant this, im tryng to find some books like “Nightside of Eden” of Kenneth Grant and study this current whit a critical and philosopycal approach whitch I can study, in the most complete way, the occult arts whit Philosopy, Antropology, ecc. I saw the “Three of Qliphoth” of A. Manson but I try to find more whit no too much rituals or something like thath. Somebody can help me?

Hey, I own 3 of Asenath Mason’s publications and I adorer every word she wrote in all of them Thus far…that being said, I am currently learning emmensely in the exact style/format regarding the Draconian tradition, which includes the tree of death and qlipothic spheres etc… I have a website of a black magician that has done wonders or me and continues to shock and amaze me with the knowledge he presents and aids I my ascent…his name I V.K JAHANNUM ILL SEND A LINK, this dude has not only his own teachings but links and cite mass amounts of prime Left hand path resources, I can’t see you not being able to discover all your looking for and more in terms of strait research, but also he has been high priest of multiple covens and has provided me soo much. I’ll private message the link to ya, Claus I need to figure out how first lol ( tablet retarded):smiling_imp::wink:


Thank you^^, if you whant you can pass me the link^^

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You can download pdf formats

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Kk I think this is the address, I’m tech retarded and forgot how to attach links on the forum, especially on the device I’m on one min and I’ll send it

Got it! Wow super easy here it is…this is gold…he has a youtube channel as well​:smiling_imp::wink: