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Hello pals, I am new to this so don’t have much of a idea it would be great if someone could just help me figure things out… I have tried to evoke paimon, mephsital and paralda a few times best experience was only once with King Paimon but I couldn’t talk to him I just felt the presence.My question really here is what do i practice on daily basis I mean we evoke spirit we give them task but to make it perfect day by day I need to keep practicing right? I can’t evoke same spirit daily and give same task? Also I don’t have a separate place so I can’t make a circle or a triangle my ritual consist of steel bowl and sigil a few breathing excersice and I start the evocation am I doing it right? Any comment related to topic are welcome I really keen on learning this… Also please guide be which spirit is best for money?

If you want to get better at Evocation, you’ll have to get better at entering the Theta-Gamma Sync (TGS). I spent about a month just practicing entering the TGS and now it’s second nature, I can sit, enter the TGS and then scry on my wall.

Money is difficult to manifest in general, I do hear that Bune is good with bringing money though.

Hi Saq, and welcome to the forum! There’s a lot of great information available on this site, and you might find these links useful to begin with:

• the Member Resources thread, which has a ton of links to newsletter tutorials on things like opening sigils, attaining Theta-Gamma Synch (TGS), and also practical advice on using the forum, posting images and YouTube videos, etc.;

• and also a lot of good topics in the archives, which can be found using the Search function

Also, have a look at this thread: Money Spells (And Other Workings) That Yielded Results - there might be something there you can use.

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I don’t think the issue is whether or not they’re showing up, it’s your ability to perceive them and communicate with them.

I’m in a similar place. I can feel the energy of the spirit, but I can’t see them and often times I still can’t communicate with them effectively.

I’ll talk to the spirit as I would a person. I’ll thank them for coming, tell them what I want, and explain to them that I want to communicate with them, but I can’t hear or see them right now and to please bring me the information in a form I can understand.

I’ll often receive the info as “thoughts” that bubble up from my subconscious while my active mind is busy with something else (reading a book, driving, or talking to a friend have all been pretty common for me).

The trick is recognizing the “thought” for what it is.

Many years ago, I spent a couple of months quieting all of the negative voices of self-doubt that would pipe up whenever I thought something. Now the only “voice” in my head is my own conscious mind. And that makes it a lot easier to differentiate between my conscious thought and communication from my “direct spirit hotline”. If only I could see an image of a red phone ringing whenever the thought bubbles up to me … Hmmm. May have to try that. :slight_smile:

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A better way would be to see it much like in a Sci-Fi Future Scenario… where Man has integrated technology into their body. You can rather think of it like Text-Message (like English Dubbed foreign movies) and Tele-Video conferencing Telepathy.

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