Help For Friend

My Friend is A rapper and his mom is dying and he wants to try to make her proud before she passes I guess for him that means making progress in his career but it’s hard for him to get views He is not into this type of stuff so it’s not like he could do the spell or communicate with a spirit his self But he is releasing a song for her soon and wants it to go big also he is tagging different artists in the post maybe for them to show love but I know he is gonna need a extra boost to do this (What spirit or spell would be recommended for this type of task )


Lucifer is a decent choice for making it in the music industry. You could also make a group working thread; share the song and, if people like it, they might agree to help out a bit


That’s the thing with that one I’m not gonna work with him until I feel like I’m ready in my mind I’m not you know how they say however you think The entity is , is how it’s gonna act I’m still working my way up the food chain lol could I pay someone to do it for me ?


You could do, yes. Ea, along with other balg authors offer paid services. I’ve never used them myself, but I’ve seen plenty of people on here praising their work.
Link to paid ritual page: Ritual For Hire | Become A Living God


The Archangel Jophiel, Archangel of Wisdom and Illumination, is also the Chief Angel of Heaven’s Choirs. Perhaps he would be able to do something?