Help for first time with Duke Sallos

So i totally new with the magick and from this forum i really got to know a lot of information for different entities. Yesterday night did a spell for DUKE SALLOS for some love reasons. Gazed at his sigil and chanted his enn. After sometime felt that he is there so i said him about the things which is to be done (verbal petition) and i said that once the petition is completed i will give you the offering which i have promised. Now the main part is that being a beginner did i do my spell right? And i am not curious about the results but at an average how much time does DUKE SALLOS take for results to happen? Any experiences or suggestions? Please help.

what did you promise? That’s what he’ll take!

I’ve promised to give something he likes. I know what i will give. But the spell i did was it correct?

Be careful hell make some crazy shit happen. I wouldnt use him for love personally, he waa kind of destructive when i worked with him.

But i started working with him as there were tons of positive reviews for him. I don’t think he would do any harm.

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Right i was also in a destructive mindset but for real Dantalion would be my go to for love i think. As he will allow you to read people effortlessly.


…it will take as long as Sallos feels it will take to shift things around, rearrange things, work on your target etc, to get you your result. That’s just how it works. Could be hrs, could be days, could be weeks or months. One person working with Sallos may have their desire manifested within hrs, whereas the next person will have their in months. It all depends on the situation. Wondering how long it will take or thinking about the result will slow your spell down, so I would suggest letting it go and focusing on something else. Not meant to be snarky, just the truth. Good luck :cherry_blossom:

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