Help for a Newbie

I am new to the forum and to the teachings of E.A I have been reading with much interest on the topic lust magic and love spells etc I just want to know from any experienced operators when doing an invocation and making a deal with a demon what do you usually offer in exchange please enlighten this Newbie without flaming respectfully thanking everyone in advance.


Thanks for the reply to my post it is much appreciated I will most definitely give it a go.

If I were you I would not give any offerings that provide a personal link, at least not while your new to all of this. A dressed candle, shot of strong alcohol, or good quality incense will be plenty when you first begin working with a spirit. Take your time and build a relationship with the spirit and get to know its energy before making the kind of bond that bodily fluids and personal concerns can create. Someone will likely contradict every word I just said so do your own research, come to your own conclusions and best of luck.

I contradict every word that TWF said.

Actually I fully endorse it. Especially the doing your own research part. After the research should come divination, and after that I would advise you to stop reading all the differing opinions that are for or against what your research and divination lead you to as all the differing opinions can put a dent in your magic workings due to the shaking of your confidence.

I offer a much more interesting way of researching the spirit.

Use OTHER spirits.

Thanks to all for the responses I will most definitely do the research and take in to account what has been shared on this thread please feel free to chat to me on this thread or via PM on more about this topic and to share experiences and techniques to go about this as I want to increase my knowledge and discipline and master the arts.

Method Used

  1. Relaxed myself with breathing and meditation exercises
  2. Chanted alash tad alash tal ashtu saying Sallos name in my mind
  3. Felt a tightening in my chest like someone sitting on it and atmosphere in the room became thicker.
  4. Thanked Sallos for coming and stated my request and payment for his services.
  5. Thanked him once more and gave him license to depart


  1. My partner who had not let me touch her for five months allowed me to caress and touch her and allowed me to bring her to orgasm and got a happy ending myself.


  1. I am going to continue working with the Grand Duke and report any further success thus bring fame to his name I encourage my fellow members of BALG to work with Sallos as he came through in a big way.