HELP Binding Spell Black Voodoo

Hello what if I have a binding spell performed by a Black Voodoo Grand Master who promises me that her rituals will have a lasting effect? Will this girl be bound to me forever? Then does it mean that this girl is obsessed with me? I am glad for every answer.

Thats the Website:

Nothing is for certain, this ‘grandmaster’ can succeed, and spells can wear over time so again its uncertain she will be yours forever.

Thats the point of most of love spells.

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Her magic has always worked. She works with the loas.

It doesnt make it certain this time it will work.Sure, she might be reliable and it seems you trust her which is pretty good.

But then again it either will happen or won’t, and spells do wear over time so your crush being attacted to you forever is also doubtful.

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…if what you say is true, that her magick always works, then if you had her do work for you to make the girl obsessed, give the spell time to work, trust it and let it go.

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First its not voodoo grandmaster, in my books in 4 languages not such title, only american scamers use tat. Second she give u garanty.? I bet its over thousand, :grinning: now u want her for wife, sex friend,? Its so much scam tis days tat promise you anything for nothing. Here its a spell call enslavement spell wjit 5 jars, and words tru tat. First cheaper. And if shes good let us knw.


Who is she ? The website is offline now . Please can you send me her link or contact

The person you are responding to hasn’t posted since 2020. It is unlikely they will reply.

And I REALLY need him to reply ,

How or where can I find this guy ? I need some more of his spells especially business spells

No idea where he is. All you can do is wait to see if he is lurking and decides to reply.

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