Help ascending planes

So I’m in love with this chart.

I’d like to know. Since everytime I projected was astral projection; astral plane. How does one ascend to other actual planes. Reason I’m asking this is I don’t for example want to think I reached casual when I’m just in astral projection. Or is experiencing these other planes completely different then exploring astral projection like you aren’t actually looking at things anymore when you go above the astral.

Thanks. I know basic question lol.

Also can someone explain to me “sound” and “ruler” I didn’t know planes made sounds. I mean last time I went into astral projection it almost sounded like a plane taking off WHILE I was walking around in the astral but it was a surrounding sound like all around me in the air.

And ruler? Are these entities or something. I mean I know jehova but I never heard of the rest of them.