Help. A strange pattern in my life

OK, I have observed a strange pattern in my life . as far as I can remember it was there even when I was 13-14 years old.

The problem/pattern is that what ever I do, even simplest thing like going out to repair my tablet or buy a pair of T-shirt, it won’t work/go well for the first, sometimes even second time. I can manage if it is like national level exam etc. But if even simplest things follow this pattern, it is frustrating as hell. And the pattern has become strong and follows me in almost every case in my life.

Clearly it is a deep rooted conditioning in my mind/higher self, getting reflected in the physical world. Any idea how to overcome it. Thanks in advance.


Hah @Goku, I know what you mean. Luckily with me I can break the pattern a bit by focusing less on materialism. At one moment I got a BMW from work, had the chance and if you have it, well let’s take it. It got me so much bad luck (car repairs) that I was happy to do it away early :joy::joy::joy:

To stay with the example. I drive a Ford now and problems are over. It looks like it’s connected with materialism and the focus on that. I have it with clothes (have to try and inspect everything), my kitchen (replaced in my house).

But it is so frustrating, clearly there is lack of grace in life. Nothing works smoothly. NOTHING.

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Yes I know. You are RHP, I think or in the middle?

In the middle. And also currently living a hermit’s life. How much more non materialist I have to be to get rid of this problem.

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Well you could use Angelic magick to get rid of that blockage.

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I will say Materialism isn’t the issue, it is self. It is Always mental blocks.
Divination and perhaps Spirits can lead you too what the block is and exterminate it.
Since you have a relationship with Raphael ask him what you can do.

Personally being a Hermit could be one of your issues; balance keeps things going and being too far one way or the other will hurt you.

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Lets see. Most likely have to work with Raphael to figure something out. Or asking help from some powerful god can also help.

The pattern was there even 12 years ago, when I was in school. So I don’t think leading hermit’s life is in any way causing it.

Imbalance is imbalance, you have a good relationship with Raphael, I’m sure he can help you pull through. Don’t doubt yourself :wink:

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I’ve experienced similar. It is very frustrating when every time you turn around no matter what you’re doing you hit a brick wall. Rest assured you are not alone. You are with every other person that screams “Why can’t anything be simple!?” Even the simplist silliest things somehow are a massive pain in the ass.

What has helped me?

I expect it.

Things work for me in opposites. Whatever I want, I expect the opposite, and the opposite comes to me. So I expect the worst. I expect nothing to work. I expect everything to go wrong.

People say I’m a negative nancy but I’m really not. Being positive just doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried it time and time again.

The second I get comfortable everything falls apart and kicks my ass before I can blink.

Best wishes

What @anon48957109 says in combination with what you’re saying. Isn’t Hermit’s life giving you to much imbalance?
I recognize the problem, but what you say is a worse state of this problem. I can live with it and I don’t have it every time. Yeah use Raphael or NAP works for me (can send you more info, if you want).

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Ahhhh, i want to fix it. If I can’t fix this problem then what kind of motherfucking magician am I :triumph:. If you look at it carefully, the problem is always lack of knowledge, not knowing the proper cause.

But yes, as you said, not resisting, accepting is always a solution and also one of the highest virtues in rhp. May be that will be the only solution for me. :expressionless:

Nah, I like life like this and seriously dislike people. Most likely you also and also known why. And it is not imbalance, don’t forget that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.

What is NAP.

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I actually noticed that pattern as a kid. When I wanted something very badly, something always went wrong or went opposite.

I started playing with my desire, as a kid! Lol, And would force myself to desire after the opposite of what I wanted and I noticed even then that it worked.

It actually helped me in my magickal practice with self control, mental and emotional control, and cultivating my desire for a ritual and then to be able to let it go afterwards.

It doesn’t mean you are a bad magician at all. Just work on changing your perception of the problem. Perhaps it’s not a problem at all. It’s just an anomaly to force you to work deeper with manipulating your thoughts and emotions. Give it a try. That would be crazy if the same applied to you. I’ve never even spoken to anyone about this before, not even online.


You really pushed a button there :wink: . Funny how you knew that. The last years I’m beginning to see the why of it. I love certain people, but I can really dislike people too.

NAP is New Avatar Power. It has a set of rituals performed everyday until you get results. From healing, love and just every intention you want to put into it.

I guess I am the lucky man then.

It is said that just being aware of any problem is solving it 50% . Some even recommend that after being aware not to do anything, as it will be solved by itself. Hope that is true in cases like this.

I will be asking an entity to whom I offer daily, that is what ever i eat and drink. I think it will do the job.


Lol, but i also bet most people like you , at least on the surface, cuz you being a rich dude driving a BMW :smile:.

Yea, I have that book, NAP . but haven’t given it a try yet. Read about how powerful it is and should be used with extreme caution .

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Nope, not rich, but doing a nice job. But on the other hand working hard and always studying.

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What does your natal chart look like? You could get some hints there, both as to the root of or the solution to the issue.

It does not sound like emotional/mental blockage because it is effecting simple things like getting tech repaired and shopping; nothing personal that your mind could or would casually effect on a subconscious level.

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Strange that you mentioned my Natal chart. One experienced astrologer also told me while looking into my horoscope that in my life everything will happen but only after obstacles and delay.

I think as per sidereal system I have Saturn in the 3rd house of Capricorn, adpecting moon in 5th and weak mercury in 9th house . May be that’s the reason.

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