Hello to everyone.I’ve been trying to solve this problem of mine for a long time and its getting worse.Im not really a magician but I tracked down some beings in my dreams and they turned out to be qliphotic.My left side is partially corrupt.I can’t meditate anymore,I’m being followed by my own brown dog who’s in fact Asmoday (a black and purple dragon).A group of cats told me that.How to free myself from this dog ? ?

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Uh huh.

Welcome to the forum.

Do you have experience at all in magick?

Ty.I do know how to light up a sigil.But usually I evoke aliens and creatures which I recall from my dreams.

Cool, how do you communicate with cats? :slight_smile:

That was my own goal as a child, I can do it now, this is why I LOVE magick so much!

Have you ever successfully manifested money (via normal routes etc) or anything material with magick?

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As far as I am aware,they speak to me in dreams not in real life.No,I didn’t.I think that there is more to these beings than just manifesting things.For me magic is freedom from this world not binding myself to it.