Hi , I’m Nigel . Interested in all Magick put particularly interested in the Goetia and the works of Aleister Crowley



Do you have any experience or are you a beginner?

A little experience but still class myself very much as a novice

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Welcome to to forum :blush:

Hello, personally I’ve found great success with Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield for Goetic magick. Henry Archer recently released The Magick of Angels and Demons as well, but I haven’t worked the magick myself.

Obviously feel free to do what you want, but I’d consider holding off on reading Crowley until you’ve checked out some more modern works. His book on Goetia is pretty outdated, in my opinion. The powers aren’t very well described, and the method of evocation is rather coercive and disrespectful to the demons.

The above books use the demons’ companion Shem angel and angelic emissaries, and in case you are concerned, this is not because they are needed to bind and constrain unruly demons. They are called to bring additional angelic power to the demons’ work. I’ve asked the demons about this myself to verify, and they do enjoy the procedure.

The demons want you to evoke them, and they want to bring you what you want. There is no need to force them into an agony of submission. Treat them respectfully, though not with deference, and they’ll do great work for you.

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