Hey. I used to practice in the past but gave it a long break and I’m kinda coming back to it now.
Right now I’m interested in Qliphotic pathworking and Goetia.

Have a good day.

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How long did you practice “in the past” before giving it up, and what type of magick did you do?

About 3 years I’d say. It wasn’t anything in particular, more like a little bit of everything. I was mostly making it up as I go and generally just trying to claw in much more than I could handle. I feel a lot more methodical in my approach now.

Cool. Thanks for elucidating on your experience a bit.

And again, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Nice, look to VK Jehannum, Aseneth Mason, and this forum for specific qlipothic pathworkings