Hello there. I have been lurking for a while. Decided to make an account. Lets see what is next in my journey. Hope to meet some grey friends who are in the middle and don’t mind borrowing from right and left paths. My main goal is to create a comfortable life filled with good experiences. I do great one on one, but avoid groups. Day job is in a office, but I plan to become financially independent one day. Hope to own a farmhouse in country side where I can run a spiritual center.

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Do you have any experience in magic and the occult, and how long have you been practicing?

What kind of magic have you been doing?

Hello. Mostly in sprituality for past 9 years. Some candle work. In the mid-twenties life happened and had to set aside the spiritual world and focus on getting back up in the physical world. I am getting back into in now though. Currently listening to Mindandmagick on Youtube.

What kind of spirituality?

Just mainstream. Meditation, visualization etc. I was born in a Hindu family, So I know alot about Indian deities. But we moved to Canada. I learned about catholic faith and got baptized. Now, I am leaning about magick from MindandMagick channel. How about you?

So not a lot of magic experience then?

Ah, tbh it’d be a long story and I’m not up to it at the moment. You can find my intro with the search function tho. :grin:

hey welcmome enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

:thinking: day job in an office BUT … just want to point out that hundreds of people are millionaires while still working “office jobs” many of those fortune 500 CEOs are a classic example and quite a few are billionaires.

Wishing you financial independence within and/or outside of the office :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

Nothing concrete. But I am happy with my snail pace.

Welcome to the forum

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Welcome @oilsarelives

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