Hello Everyone
My Name is Jack and i am 23 years old basicallyy i was looking at this forum from past few months and its an amazing place to be so i finally decided to crwate an account here.
About my experience i started working with Goetia 4 yrs ago first i started with lucifer and then with the Kings and the Gatekeepers took mee a long but i gained a lot of knowledge
i have practiced
-spell works
-Love Magic
-Mind Control
I am also a part of The Temple of Ascending Flame.
also i am a part time Spell caster you can say

Gald to be a part of this forum and looking forward to learn and share my Experiences.


Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks mate @DarkestKnight

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many new things.

thanks @AureliaMencargianis

Welcome to the forum